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 Letum Dysen

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PostSubject: Letum Dysen   Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:39 am

Character Name: Letum Dysen
Name Translation: “Ruin”

Apparent Age: 26
Actual Age: 2000

Origin: Ateth

Gender: Male

Race: Astral Dragon

Height: 6’0” (48 meters ~ Dragon Form)

Weight: 172 lbs (150 tons ~ Dragon Form)

Physical Description:

Human Form

Dragon Form

Known Relatives:

Father: Idath Dysen ~ Deceased
Mother: Aurelia Dysen ~ Alive
Brother: Zander Dysen
Sister: Aisha Dysen
Sister: Aisis Dysen
Sister: Eve Dysen
Sister: Nilona Dysen
Sister: Xelena Dysen
Sister: Wenesia Dysen

Skills: Basic domestic skills, Draconic style fighting, hand-to-hand fighting, swordsmanship skills (one handed).

Abilities: Enhanced senses, Energy sense, True Sight

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Letum has a very serious and critical nature. His speech is methodical yet concise. He has a rather sharp tongue and does nothing to hide his disdain for those who are unintelligent or ignorant by choice. Letum shows great control and calm, but does not fear collateral damage and destruction in battle (so long as innocents are not present). He is kind and ‘enduring’ to his family members. Letum has never smiled or laughed.

Powers: Astral Energy Manipulation, Regeneration, Absolute Breaker, Draw Out

Restrictions: All of Letum’s energy attacks are highly destructive and drain his energy over repeated use. He is at full power in his Dragon Form, and has a 50% stat limit in his Human Form.

Letum is able to regenerate in and out of battle. He can focus his energy toward recovering faster, but this technique is taxing. If his energy runs too low, his regenerative property ceases.

Letum’s ‘Absolute Breaker’ ability makes the impossible, possible and the unbreakable, breakable. In essence, it makes attacks and abilities that have absolute effects, less or ineffective (impenetrable shields become penetrable, One-Hit KO moves can be tanked, etc.) Has no effect on normal attacks/abilities.

The ‘Draw Out’ ability allows Letum to use his energy to expose opponents who would be otherwise invulnerable or insubstantial. Foes that exist within multiple planes of reality or have technical immortality become one targetable and substantial with this ability. It can also be used to rectify warped or altered realities.

Letum’s ‘True Sight’ ability allows him to perceive beings and energies that would normally be invisible to the naked eye.


Strength: 2600

Speed: 2400

Soul: 2300

Stamina: 2500

Durability: 2500

Astral Energy: 3000

Special Techniques:

Resize: The ability to shrink his Dragon Form to smaller sizes; more manageable in different situations.

Draconic Rage: A temporary power up that increases Letum’s stats by 200 for a short duration. His eyes will glow slightly. Only usable in Dragon Form.

Spatial Slice: A golden shockwave of Astral Energy emitted from Letum’s sword with a swing. Utterly destroys objects within its path. Only usable in Human Form.

Portal: Letum tears a rip in space with his claws or hand. This portal can open the path to other locations within or outside of his current realm of occupancy.

(Other powers are dormant from being sealed, and will return with time…)

Super Techniques:

Super Nova: Letum charges energy and self-destructs, completely destroying everything within a certain radius. Causes no damage to Letum, but consumes an immense amount of energy.

Celestial Cannon: Letum fires a massive golden beam from his mouth (Dragon Form) or his hand (Human Form). Can be adjusted for power output, but when charged to maximum strength this attack can destroy worlds.

(Other powers are dormant from being sealed, and will return with time…)

Weapons and Precious Items: A magical sword of Letum’s creation (see Human Form picture). He can summon this blade at will, and it has durability equal to Letum’s ‘Astral Energy’ stat.

Phobias: None

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Guardian

History: Letum was created alongside his brother, Zander, thousands of years ago by Dr. Idath and Lo. He and his kin were the response to the Old Ones, massive terrors that threatened the very fabric of the universe. The Alphalim and Astral Dragons were essential forces during the war, which is why things went south after their disappearance. One of their own betrayed them, scattering the Alhpalim and Astral Dragons throughout space and time.

Letum had been sealed beneath a world that had no knowledge of him. There he lay in a dormant sleep for centuries until being freed by the world’s savior and destroyer, Lucas Alstead. Shortly after being freed, Letum retraced the world’s history to find when he had been sealed and by whom. Unfortunately, a being of incorporeal existence by the name of Giygas had latched onto his mind over the centuries, taking root and majority control over him for a time.

It wasn’t until worlds later that Letum was located by his brother, and freed from his controller’s grasp.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Letum Dysen   Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:58 am

"Ah. Hello, brother. You shouldn't sleep in so late, you know..." ~Varia Dysen

"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Letum Dysen
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