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 Juno Sedna

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PostSubject: Juno Sedna   2013-03-17, 9:21 pm

Character Name: Juno Sedna
Aliases: ZX-24, Zetto-Class Cyborg Model 024, Android 24, 24

Apparent Age: 16

Origin: Earth (x12 Timeline)

Gender: Male

Race: Android (Cyborg Model)

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 200 lbs

Physical Description:


Known Relatives:

Creator: Dr. Gero ~ Deceased

Skills: Advanced domestic skills, hand-to-hand skill, weapons expert, munitions expert, Z-Fighter skills, expansive knowledge (direct internet link).

Abilities: Analyze, Auto-Repair, Multi-vision Optics, Energy Detection

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Juno’s personality is a mixed product of his constant calculating and personal insight. While he’s usually the first to jump into battle, provoked or not, he’s almost always one step ahead of others. He’s very upbeat, so he often throws off his friends with his sarcastic and witty remarks. Despite his deceptive methods on the battlefield, Juno is a loyal friend with energy to spare. You can always count on him to have a plan.

In battle, Juno focuses on ranged attacks, or point-blank energy attacks. While his strength is considerably high compared to the average fighter, other Z-Fighters and foes of his level will typically have a higher Strength stat. Thus, he fights using smarts, speed and energy; constantly switching up his styles and strategy.

Powers: Energy Manipulation (Internal), Flight

Restrictions: Juno has high durability toward blunt and slash attacks. Pierce and energy attacks affect him normally. Thanks to Juno’s redundant energy system, he regenerates energy as he fights and can continue to fight almost indefinitely. Should he run out of energy, however, he will power down and become defenseless until recharging. In the meantime, Juno does not show fatigue until his energy reserve runs dangerously low; at which point his base stats will begin to drop.

Using his ‘Analyze’ ability, Juno is capable of scanning any given life form and determining their race, physical condition, and dominant energy signature. He can also lock on to any given target’s energy signature that he has analyzed before so long as they are within the same realm and within a reasonable distance.

Due to what he is, Juno does not actually have an energy signature. Therefore he can only be detected with the five basic senses, or a tracking device/method locked onto his systems specifically.


Strength: 1300

Speed: 1700

Soul: 1200

Stamina: ---

Durability: 1300

Power Reserve: 1800

Special Techniques:

Levitation Drive: Allows the ability of flight without the use of Ki.

Teleport Drive: A teleportation technique that leaves an afterimage of Juno and whoever he teleports along with him. Can be used to travel short distances during fights, or to traverse worlds. Juno once used this drive at maximum capacity to teleport himself and Axel to another realm, but practically overloaded himself in the process. Short distances has a cooldown of thirty seconds. Long distances increases the cool down up to one day.

Energy Blast: A basic blast or shot of energy. Can be fired from Juno’s hands, fingertips and feet.

Infinity Bullet: Juno fires a barrage of small energy blasts at his foe. Low damage, but can be fired at a constant stream. Good for distractions.

Infinity Squall: A technique learned from Juno’s master. Juno shoots numerous beams of electricity from his palms in all directions. These bolts then chase the target relentlessly, turning at sharp angles and disappearing after making contact. Each beam deals moderate damage, but they can add up quickly.

Giga-Gun: Juno’s signature technique. He charges energy by stretching his open hands out to his sides and slowly bringing them together in front of his chest, combining the orbs they charge. He then pushes his hands forward and fires a massive green beam. Can be fired continuously.

Voltage Flare: A technique learned from Juno’s master. Juno holds his palm upward and creates a large orb of lightning. He can move the ball at will; it travels quickly and creates a large electric discharge when it makes contact with a foe.

Super Techniques:

Voltage Squall: A technique learned from Juno’s master. Juno charges his energy and unleashes countless bombs of light that chase a designated target. Each orb creates a large electric explosion that causes very high damage.

Giga-Cannon: An upgraded version of ‘Giga-Gun’. Juno charges much more energy and pours it into this attack, unleashing a green beam powerful enough to rip through planets. This attack can completely exhaust Juno if he is not careful.

Super Forms:

Hyper Drive: Juno activates a system that pushes his body to the physical extent of his limiter. No physical change is visible. Each of his stats increase by 200.

Divert Power: Juno diverts his power into boosting his physical potency. Each of his stats increase by 500, but his ‘Power Reserve’ stat is cut to one third. A complete shutdown is imminent while using this drive; he cannot hold this form for very long. Juno’s eyes turn red.

Weapons and Precious Items: Numerous weapons and systems provided by his creator.

Phobias: None

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Z-Fighter

History: Juno, or project ZX-24, was one of the many androids constructed and scrapped by Dr. Gero in his alternate universe. Juno was supposed to be one of the doctor’s more crowning achievements; a living, growing construct that could adapt its limiter and grow stronger through experience. He specifically desired a machine that could slowly grow in strength, rather than one with an outright uninhibited limiter. Dr. Gero needed to guarantee he could control the subject. The project was scrapped mid-way through, as it was far too time consuming and time was running short. Earlier android models were being completed much quicker. After Dr. Gero’s death, Juno was left in a state of stasis for years.

Fortunately, some of Juno’s programming had already been implemented. He began to code himself and complete his own processes to fully activate himself. Physically he could do nothing, but Juno’s systems were working at maximum efficiency upon his activation. He was located by one Axel Kirahe, who was quite surprised to see anything still functional in the long since dead doctor’s labs. Already possessing knowledge on the world’s status, Juno decided to aid the Z-Fighters of his own volition.

The fight to protect the Earth was a losing battle, one most had come to realize far too late. Before the world met its demise, Juno sped to his master’s side and teleported them with as great an output his systems could manage. They were teleported to a different realm entirely, tossed onto an ‘Earth’ different than their own.

Years have passed since then. Juno continues to train under Axel’s tutelage, whether his master desires the company or not.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Juno Sedna   2013-03-18, 1:29 am

"Hey! Welcome back! Good to see you Juno..oh, and Apporved."-Pan Glay
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Juno Sedna
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