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 Long awaited update

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Long awaited update   2013-04-15, 11:22 pm

Very, very late update. It's time I got off my lazy ass to do it.

Date Given: 1/1/2013

Thread: Tales Of Catheria.

Prier(new stats)

Strength: 60

Speed: 60

Durability: 60

Stamina: 40

Mana: 70

Race also changed from human to demon.


Strength: 2

Speed: 20

Durability: 10

Stamina: 30

Natural Ability: 100

Race also changed from human to demon.

"It's often the ones close to us that we remember in the end of our days. Choose your friends and allies wisely."
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PostSubject: Re: Long awaited update   2013-04-15, 11:41 pm


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Long awaited update
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