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 Utopia Rising, a modern fantasy role play (LB)

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PostSubject: Utopia Rising, a modern fantasy role play (LB)   2013-04-16, 11:07 pm

current year is 2019 and magic has come back to Earth. All sorts of
magical and supernatural creatures exist on Earth though most humans
know nothing of their existence.  The Broods, a race of cat shape
shifters with psionic abilities, live in secret on their own island and
are at war with those that do know of them and hunt them.  Brood Hunters
continue to hunt to kill or capture them for study.  As magic slowly
returns to its full strength so do more and more magical creatures come
out of hiding or cross onto Earth from other Realms.  The field of
battle is set are you ready?

Shadow Mages come from a magical
world called Utopia and they have found their way to Earth to slowly
corrupt and reign over it.  Can the Broods stop the Mages from gaining a
foothold on Earth? Or will the Shadow Mages ultimately corrupt Earth as
they did Utopia?
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Utopia Rising, a modern fantasy role play (LB)
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