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 Gundam Titanium

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PostSubject: Gundam Titanium   2013-04-19, 4:55 pm

Taking place on Earth, a third World War has started, using Mechas as weapons—androids with the ability to transform into mobile suits. Two factions control Earth, the Atlantic Alliance and Eurasian Alliance, while a Rebel group of jaded civilians and defected soldiers is slowly forming to put an end to the fighting. There are still a few neutral countries who refuse to fight, but how long will they last?

Join the Atlantic Alliance or Eurasian Alliance to become the top faction, ruling the world in weapons and technology. If black and white isn’t your thing, go gray and become a rebel. Not a fighter? Neutral countries remain out of the conflict, working towards peace and an end to the destruction of Earth.

>Gundam Titanium is a mecha site with roleplay and fanfiction opportunities.
>Original characters for humans, Mechas, and machinamals are accepted.
>Mecha and Gundam discussion is encouraged.
>Joinable groups for the factions are available.
>Currently accepting staff members.
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PostSubject: Re: Gundam Titanium   2013-04-19, 4:57 pm

For some reason the links are not working on you board. This is the url:
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Gundam Titanium
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