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 Conspiracy && Corsets

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PostSubject: Conspiracy && Corsets   2013-04-20, 9:31 am

"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer."[/align]
The year is 2025. In a world divided by the conflicts and wars of years past, the populace now find themselves living not in countries but in districts. Large spans of land that contain numerous cities and towns, though none with a definitive ruler. No, these districts rule themselves and not always in the best ways.

Arcanis, for example, is presided over by the Death Dealers. A notorious group of unsavoury individuals they rule from the shadows, known for their willingness to carry out hired hits and assassinations while also dealing with the underground black market. They smuggle contraband from neighbouring districts and have no qualms distributing amongst the general public. In a nutshell; they're the cops' biggest headache.

However, as with all scenarios such as this one, there are others who want in on the action the Death Dealers' have made for themselves and now Arcanis is facing bigger problems; all out war. With the rise of two smaller groups, the Amanare and the Covenant, things could start getting a lot worse a lot faster for the district's residents.

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Conspiracy && Corsets
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