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 Shattered Paths

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PostSubject: Shattered Paths   2013-04-21, 12:49 am

The years is 2011 and the apocalypse has been averted, but at a cost. Sam Winchester fell into the cage along with Luicifer, Micheal and Adam. There is a civil war going on in heaven that Castiel must fight without his earthbound friends. Dean Winchester has returned to a simple life with Lisa and Ben, while things stir in the darkness around them. Ancient beings, the first of their kind creep from the shadows, monsters rarely seen are being found, and a plot to unleash the mother of all is being hatched.

Meanwhile, in a strange little mountain town there seems to be a high level of strange supernatural occurrences. Behind the scenes mysterious forces pull unseen strings, manipulating and guiding lives in subtle ways to unknown purpose. Of course if you ask most locals or visitors, they'll only acknowledge what they see with their own eyes; after all, monsters don't really exist outside of the movies, right?

A season 6 AU Supernatural RPG. Canons and originals very welcome.
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What We Offer;

  • Friendly welcoming staff and members
  • Flexible character options; canons & originals from humans to all kinds of supernatural creatures
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Shattered Paths
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