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 Rise of the Immortals

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PostSubject: Rise of the Immortals   2013-04-23, 3:54 am

The world is no longer a place of harmony, where typical mortal affairs were the worst ailment faced. There is no concern for the essence of life and death; entire cities and lives are destroyed on a whim, the legendary heroes resurrected for their noble deeds toyed with like rats, and fear driving people to worship now instead of honor and devotion. 72 B.C. looks more like an apocalypse for the mortal races than ever before, and it was only a few years ago that The Fates proved their power and activated a plot which ensured their visions would come to pass. The Gods have had to accept that there are dire consequences for the decision made which released hundreds of heroes from the Underworld and offset the balance kept between life and death. Now, there is a chaos and madness that has gripped the land and continues only to become worse with the Titans ruling from atop Mount Olympus.

The Gods have never before been defeated, and it has tested the true bounds of their loyalty and devotion to determine what their lives now hold. Stripped of their homes and sense of purpose, several have fled and begged admittance among the Titans and hope to keep some semblance of comfort and consistency. Most, however, have proved steadfast supporters of Zeus, who has begun ruling with more prominent support from his brothers and Council in this new dawn of the Olympians. They find themselves preparing for another epic battle from their kingdom on the island of Atlantis, where life has just begun breathing anew into the Gods after such brutal loss of lives and security. From this new, watery domain, the Gods rally what forces they have to prevent utter destruction of the mortal realm as well as train for an attack worthy of setting the world’s balance back to right.

Neither faction are hidden any longer, their powers a brutal clash of minds and bodies as they strategize and goad one another into projected submission and annihilation. It has become a game for the Titans who feed on the blood and chaos of the world around them, and a struggle to resuscitate life back into a world the Gods can only vaguely remember with every back-and-forth move that is made. The Gods have had to look yet further from the heroes they brought back to life, another spoil of war that ended with them in the misguided hands of the Titans. In retaliation and sheer persistence of wills, they have spread east and extended their might into Rome, drawing in a new army of boiling blood and vengeance. Spartacus and his rebels direct their swords against the Titans who have enslaved so many of these heroes they heard tales of valor and honor about, and demand their freedom from the shackles and chains that once bound them as well.

No one will back down; there will be no surrender. Will the world once more rise to its former glory or fall to ashes by the hand that feeds it?

Join us, and Rise to Immortality.

What we Offer:

  • 333/Mature board with 18+ adult audience and flexibility.
  • Ability to actually play immortals and creatures with powers, as well as mortals.
  • Ability to play originals or characters from history adapted for the plotline!
  • No word count (300 is suggested), catering to intermediate/advanced players.
  • IPB platform for maximum up-time and custom features.
  • Active, friendly, helpful staff and community always working on plots and events.

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Rise of the Immortals
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