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 Misty Mountains, a hobbit site [LB] (JCINK)

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PostSubject: Misty Mountains, a hobbit site [LB] (JCINK)   2013-04-24, 11:52 am

Despite the tales that were told from generation to generation, Sauron did
not harbour hatred towards the elves. Not all of them, at the least. Even at
his weakest, after the ring of power had been taken from him, the Dark Lord
found enjoyment in turning his all-seeing gaze towards those he desired the
most to serve him. Though his gaze would not reach them within the protected
walls of their city, Sauron did not crave that pleasure. Not yet.

Come join the family! Set just before the Hobbit.
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Misty Mountains, a hobbit site [LB] (JCINK)
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