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 Soul Eater DOOD

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PostSubject: Soul Eater DOOD   2013-04-27, 3:59 am


in the midst of the of great world powers, the organizations known as
the DWMA, Coven, and Arachniphobia, being forced to rebuild themselves
following the devastation brought on by the Demon God, Kishin Asura,
many new students, witches, and villains alike have risen, taking up the
task of discovering their talents and fates. Though as reconstruction
and stability seemed to reach a zenith, and as the mourning of those
lost had began to cease, a few people had begun to realize....

The Madness had never ended. It had merely changed.

the melodies of the weeping, and the accompanying cries in harmony, a
Demon God, a new Kishin, conducts the despair in the world like a
scourged symphony...

Will you compose your own melody, or will you waltz to the Madness?
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Soul Eater DOOD
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