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 Nightquest: An Original Fantasy RP

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PostSubject: Nightquest: An Original Fantasy RP   2013-05-03, 7:23 pm

  • Laid back and friendly atmosphere with
  • No word count and
  • Three
    worlds (Gethsemane, Swanbrook, and Imaginaerum) to play in that are all
    connected to each by portals that any character can access and travel
    through at any time.
  • --Gethsemane ia a battleground in the
    throes of never-ending war between angels and demons, with humans living
  • --Swanbrook is a small town community whose
    focal point is the small college it boasts whose students aren’t all
    human and is also a mecca for most supernatural creatures.
  • --Imaginaerum
    is a dark circus run by humans who train captured supernaturals into
    performing for the crowd. There are refugees hidden in this world, but
    being a refugee anywhere is obviously dangerous, and you’re lucky to
    escape Imaginaerum alive if you are one.

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Nightquest: An Original Fantasy RP
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