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 Pandora [mass crossover]

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PostSubject: Pandora [mass crossover]   2013-05-04, 9:21 am

Welcome to Pandora's Box

Pandora is a crossover roleplay which allows for any fandom
to get involved! This means that you can choose to be any
character, from television shows and movies to books and anime,
and more!

A pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, led by Pandora, has been
roaming vast lands of different times and places, watching their
own imperfect beings with disappointment. Ashamed, fickle,
and bored, Pandora has decided to take the most interesting or
amusing of these beings and confine them from the rest of the

You have been dragged from your own home and miraculously
been thrown into Pandora's Box. Quite literally. You are now in
a town called Pandora, which is located inside of a giant box
floating around in a void in another dimension.

  • Multi-fandom roleplay
  • Canon only
  • No word count
  • Short application
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Pandora [mass crossover]
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