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 Blood Moon [LB]

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PostSubject: Blood Moon [LB]   2013-05-05, 6:34 am

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The year is 2013. A massive solar storm that lasted only a couple of days destroyed much of the world's power grid. The date of this solar flare: 12/21/2012. From that point on life changed in New York City. Rioting occurred and much of life became dependent on generators. The price of oil and gasoline, to power these generators soared and the world economy was crippled and world markets crashed.

Many of the already existing supernatural creatures began to take advantage of this crisis and use the darkness that consumes much of New York City to their own ends. Vampires prowl the night and werewolves hunt while witches conjure and shifters keep to themselves. Seraphim and Infernals battle each other while the Sidhe stay out of the crossfire and humans struggle to survive.

It's a new world and it's a jungle out there!
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Blood Moon [LB]
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