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 Requiem of Geass [IF]

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PostSubject: Requiem of Geass [IF]   2013-05-09, 10:21 am



   The Black Knights finally defeated their long time nemesis, the
Holy Britannian Empire over ten years ago. Zero had obtained this
victory by assassinating Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia, a man who was
hell bent on taking over the world beneath an iron fist. Now, the world
is finally at peace. The United Federation of Nations is the lone
'superpower' left in the world, with the United States of Japan leading
the way in a new wave of democracy. Even Britannian, which has since
been known as the United States of Britannia, has changed its ways and
adopted a more democratic way of life as well. It appeared that Zero's
aspirations for a world where all of its citizens lived in peace and
harmony was finally unfolding.

   However, in the shadows stood
the Britannian Restoration League, a group of bitter and vengeful
individuals formed by the former dukes, duchess, and other powerful
political figures in the Britannia of old. They weren't about to allow
Japan its sought out peace. They had every intention to restore the Holy
Britannian Empire as their rightful superpower in the world and reclaim
their dominant place in society. So long as the Black Knights existed,
so would the BL. They will not stop until the war from ten years ago is
nothing more than a bitter memory.

   Now the two sides are
deadlock amidst the start of another war, with the world powerless to do
anything but watch on. How will this story of bitter rivals play out?
Who will be victorious?

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Requiem of Geass [IF]
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