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 Sgt David Chatters

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PostSubject: Sgt David Chatters   2013-05-10, 8:48 pm

Character Name: David Chatters

Date Of Birth: 05/07
Alias: Wood.
Apparent Age: 27.
Origin: Missen Heavy Infantries heavy-isotope harvesting station, Ferrum gas giant.
Race: Patrian.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 190lbs
Gender: Male.
Physical Description: Wood is Jack's heavier built counter point. Five feet seven inches, one hundred ninety pounds, he's thick and stocky. Where Jack is built for speed and agility, Wood is the dependable heavy hitter. Neatly cropped black hair in the classic 'high and tight' cut.

His years of training, and constant competition with Jack, has left Wood with a solid frame. Not nearly on par with the classic body builder image, he still has thickly corded arms and legs, well suited for the long haul or kicking in doors.

The ribs on his left side sport a series of shrapnel scars, and his forearm has a nasty burn scar from a hot barrel. His hands are rough and calloused and his knuckles are sunken from years of very intense hand-to-hand training.
Known Relatives: Only child, parents killed.
Religion: None.
Skills: A wide array of combat related skills. Demolitions/explosive breaching, zero-g combat operations and boarding, mechanical/technical breaching of doors, hostile-environment survival skills, urban combat training, etc. Mechanics.
Alignment: Good.
Personality: When around Jack, Wood is confident and even funny. The two are prone to friendly banter and light hearted arguing, often bickering or competing. He seems quite content with letting Jack take the lead in most things, especially when other people are involved, and it often leaves people assuming he's a bit on the slow side.

When Jack isn't around, he grows quiet and subdued. Not quite lacking in confidence, it seems more likely he simply doesn't have anything to say. He will often spend his down time either competing with Jack in something, or seemingly struggling with one book or another. Biographys and historical journals more then fiction, he seems especially interested in anything involving military history, especially recent stuff.
Class: Soldier.
Weapons and Precious Items:
KelTec Bullpup Shotgun

A relic slugthrower weapon, it was quickly phased out over weapons with higher rates of fire when the war with the machine fleet began. While it had the stopping power to put down one of the machine warriors up close, it hadn't the staying power to make a difference in a prolonged engagement and the effective range was dangerously short. A favoured weapon for boarding actions, however.
VA-6 Carbine

A late-war invention, the VA-6 Carbine is an infantry-portable laser rifle. The energy pack is mounted towards the rear of the weapon, in the butt, allowing for an easily managed center of balance (the heavy weight of the battery helps counter weight of the forward portion of the rifle).
C1 Special Operations combat armour:

Faction: Patrian Military.

Weight: 45kgs

Power Systems: Internal power pack, approx. battery time: 72 hours.

Type: Powered infantry combat armour.

Abilities: Helmet/mask supports an intricate HUD system, as well as imaging capabilities ranging from digital data analysis, thermal/infra-red, DNA/pheromone tracker, LIDAR, and computer assistant functions.

Defensive Systems: Ballistic plates and thermal-defeating weave for basic protection against firearms and energy weapons. Soft-weave semi-reactive fabric hardens instantly to offer minor protection against ballistic weapons at the joints. With helmet and gloves, the C1 armour is fully enclosed to protect against NBC threats and vacuum, with a six hour internal air supply and air scrubber system.

Equipment: Dataports and cables to allow for hardwiring of electronic systems, as well as ease of upload of personal data, such as vital read outs, recorded camera feed, etc. A false-intelligence computer system (near AI level computer) is assigned to each suit, aiding in battlefield capabilities and for non-mechanical/explosive breaching of bulkhead doors when possible.

History: Came into service late in the war, shortly after Operation Perrepat.
Phobias: The undead! More specifically, the cybernetically modified human soldiers of the machine fleet had always disturbed him.
Illnesses: PTSD.
Sexual Preferences: Female.
Occupation: Patrian Defense Force Marine.
He signed up right out of high school, and over his years of training worked closely with Jack, until the day the higher ups made the conscious decision not to seperate the promising pair. Where Jack has specialised in breaching and traps, Wood's training was less focused, maintaining the standard level with the exception of extra rounds of Gunfighter and CQB.

He does have a nack with mechanics, however, something that had spawned in his days in high school and turned into a personal hobby outside of work.

Tour of Duty:
Operation Broadsword: 07/19/2242 Colony and research facility on Ignis 2, a small volcanic moon of the gas giant Ferrum, the largest planetoid in the system and one of the furthest from the sun, went quiet. Final transmissions indicated a machine fleet vessel had entered orbit. Three passive-stealth system defence ships managed to sneak into orbit and drop six teams of marines to investigate and rescue high-priority targets. 7 of the sixty marines made it to the extraction point. First recorded incident of the machines taking people alive.

Operation Tenent: 21/01/2243 Second major fleet engagement, in orbit of Tetra, a Mars-like planet that had seen highly succesful terraforming efforts in recent decades. The colonies were expected to be able to collapse their domes no later then 2245. Initial engagement went well, but the leviathan mothership and her heavy escorts entered the fray on 22/01/2243. The Patrian fleet was ripped apart in short order. Ground invasion began on 23/01/2243. The planet was deemed untenable on 07/03/2243, and all remaining military assets were extracted. Approximately 700,000,000 colonists presumed lost after mass evacuation efforts were deemed too costly.

Operation Obsidione: 12/04/2244 Fleet base at the Petra Lumbare astroid belt, mid-way through the solar system. Dozens of space stations and bases built on or in large astroids. The bulk of the machine forces were tied up with mining and terraforming operations on the outlying planets they had already captured. The battle here lasted from 12/04/2244 to 02/01/2245 on and off, with near constant minor incursions. Some marines saw near constant combat during this time, hunting and engaging infiltrator units that had been seeded throughout the belt, meant to find and silence the outlying defensive structures of the fleet base. The final engagement saw the first 'victory' of the Patrian forces, when they detonated dozens of high-yield dirty bombs throughout the astroid belt, destroying dozens of heavy machine ships and nearly a hundred of their smaller escorts.

Operation Perrepat: 15/03/2245 A newly designed stealth ship with six teams of marines and scientists on board, managed to board and capture a small escort vessel of the machine fleet. Many of the marines were killed in the operation, but the technologies gleaned from capturing an intact enemy ship were well worth the cost.

Operation Vindictam: 10/11/2246 A trio of newly constructed battleships, heavily adapted by technologies discovered from the study of the captured machine fleet ship a year earlier, lead the charge on what went down as the second major fleet battle of the war. Nearly half of the Patrian fleet was commited to the battle, and while the machine fleet did suffer heavy losses, the Patrian fleet was again ripped to shreds when the leviathan mothership entered the fray. Marine boarding teams proved highly succesful at delivering portable, low-yield nuclear weapons into machine fleet warships. Most were succesfully extracted before the weapons were detonated.

Operation Tandem Stet: 14/11/2247 The final major battle of the war, in orbit of Patria itself. Additional warships inspired by machine fleet, some unfinished, were commited to the battle. This time, when the machine fleet mothership arrived, the Patrian fleet was ready. Dozens of teams of marines were succesful at boarding the massive factoryship, delivering high-yield nuclear warheads deep into the heart of the massive vessel. Few of the nearly five hundred marines made it out alive before the weapons were detonated. The aftermath of the battle saw the planet of Patria destroyed anew, as fallout from debris and weapons struck the planet, destroying the delicate ecosystem once and for all.
Status: Alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Sgt David Chatters   2013-05-10, 9:00 pm

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Sgt David Chatters
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