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 Star Wars: Fate of the Galaxy

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PostSubject: Star Wars: Fate of the Galaxy   2013-05-16, 4:11 am

"We will disperse into the galaxy in small numbers, masking ourselves, hiding amidst the enemy. We will infiltrate governments on every planet. All must be brought down for something new to be created. Together or alone, we will slip onto worlds and strike from the shadows. We will be invisible. We will be patient. All that exists will be torn apart from within. Darth Krayt's vision of the galaxy remade will be realized. He lives in us. The Sith will prevail."

- Darth Nihl

It is one year after the end of the Second Imperial Civil War and the Galaxy is in disarray: the power balance is in flux as the members of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate - the Fel Empire, the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance - attempt to restore some form of equilibrium to a galaxy shattered by one of the bloodiest wars ever seen.

Not everyone wants to see equilibrium restored, though.

The Sith, although seriously damaged, are regrouping, their sole aim to destabilise the power balance - and the Force - so that they can move in and take control. All the while, each of the members of the Triumvirate have their own agendas to further.

At a time when unity is needed more than ever, will the Triumvirate be able to resist the insidious machinations of the Sith?

Only time will tell...

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Star Wars: Fate of the Galaxy
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