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 Dachi Harada

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PostSubject: Dachi Harada   2013-05-28, 11:13 pm

Character Name: Dachi Harada
Fandom: Original
Date of Birth: 3/6
Alias: The Blade Dancer.
Apparent Age: 18
Origin: Earth
Race: Human
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:

Eiko Harada-Younger Sister.


Religion: Agnostic
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Kendo. High school education
Abilities: Extended life span. Energy sense(more intuned with magical and supernatural things) Ability to get stronger(transformed state only)

As a Astral Walker, Dachi can see the hidden 'rifts' of dimensional doors and open them. Basically meaning he can realm travel, as long as he has a clue of where he is going in the first place(or has been there before)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Dachi is friendly and mature for his age and for the most part keeps a cool and dignified front. He'll try to have the facade of being calm, even if internally he may be panicking. At times all the stress adds up and he's unable to contain himself.

He holds a lot of fears and worries deep down, most of the time keeping it to himself but other times if he trust someone he may let them in on it.
Powers: Supernatural physical stats. Wind Manipulation.(on a purely cosmetic note, his wind is actually visible and is green when active) He can also cancel out his winds. As well as a few other cool things with it(see special moves mainly)
Restrictions: Dachi only has the stats in his transformed state. His wind manipulation he can push or pull things(including lifting himself) but the extent is based on his current level of strength and in addition it accumulates. He can also make sharp 'blades' of wind for ranged attacks which is also dependent on his strength.

He can Only cancel winds of his own making, not anyone else.

Strength: 12

Speed: 12

Soul: 9

Stamina: 9

Natural Ability: 9

Durability: 8
Special Techniques:

Gale Slash: Creates a compressed 'air blade' that is sent towards the enemy in a attempt to cut them.

Pressure: Dachi focuses the air pressure around his sword, making it sharper and able to cut through more then it would on its own.

Wind Step: The wind compresses around him visibly and moderately increases his speed. He cannot attack while this is active, this is mainly a form of travel.

Gale Guard: Creates a defensive shield of wind that's based on his strength. Dachi has to be stationary while this technique is active.
Super Techniques:

Sonic Gale: Dachi will spin like a top forward his enemy, creating a large gust of wind around his form cloaking his body. In this state, he cuts down whatever happens to be in his path at the time. He can maintain this in short burst(about thirty seconds) before needing a few minutes before use again.
Super Forms: His transformed state, which changes his looks like those of the picture having a cape, sword and the like. Only in this state does he have all his powers.
Class: Ruin Knight
Weapons and Precious Items:

A well made bastard sword(only in transformed state) a necklace which always comes back to him. It's what allows him to transform in the first place. It's not impossible but very hard to destroy.
Phobias: If anything, something happening to his sister. Among other things.
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Astral Walker

Dachi and his sister had a very good life, growing up in a upper scale family. Their father was a businessman while their mother was a teacher. There wasn't much they needed or wanted. However, a few years ago tragedy struck and both of them died in a boating incident during their anniversary.

His sister and himself were of course devastated. All the money and such left behind really didn't mean much in the end. It was a bit later, that his sister had been contacted by someone named 'Ason' who made her wish to see her parents again come true. Dachi at first dismissed it, just thinking his little sister was coping but during one night his parents came.

Except everything about them..was wrong. They looked like their parents on the vague superficial level but looked out of something out of a horror movie. They had attacked with unnatural strength and attempted to kill them, and would have succeeded if not for a strange creature named Shara intervening. In the end, the spectre's posing as his parents were put back to rest.

Dachi learned his sister had gotten something else out of the wish: the ability to turn into a magical girl. Shara filled them in on the world his sister was now apart of and what to expect, and the picture they painted was not a pretty one. Shara told them she originally was another race before being turned into the form you see now, and she had been trying to stop Ason for a long time.

Ason was a enigma. But what was known about him was the fact they would grant wishes to people in desperate times, usually when not thinking correctly most of the time. They would be given almost any wish they wanted, though it almost never turned out how they expected and came with a price tag. In return, the person making the wish would become a magic boy or girl.

Only problem was, if they didn't fight certain type of monsters created by Ason and take the energy crystals left behind, they would eventually die. In additon Astral Walkers(what their type are called) can Also get the same energy from the gem of their transformation necklace(if its relatively full) for a larger boost that maintain them for even months at a time.

All these factors have caused Astral Walkers to be infighting for a long time as the twisted game have been around. It seemed, if anything, Ason waiting for the right moment to strike, maybe using it to gather power for some unknown purpose.

Despite warnings from Shara, and everything else, when Ason came to offer him a wish Dachi knew what he had to do. He knew he had to protect his sister and couldn't let her face such a world on their own. His wish was simple.

"I wish for the power to kill you."

Amused, Ason granted it and Dachi's world has never been the same since.
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PostSubject: Re: Dachi Harada   2013-05-28, 11:20 pm


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Dachi Harada
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