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PostSubject: Akela   2013-05-29, 2:16 pm

Character Name: Akela
Date Of Birth: June 14
Apparent Age: Appears in her early 20s; actually 112 years old.
Origin: Alus
Race: Eldarian/Alusarian
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Greatly resembles her father and as such lacks the pointy
ears that normally define her race. Has long, chestnut hair, fair, pale skin
and yellow eyes. Most of her genetics lean towards her Alusarian side, and thus
her blood is also blue.

Known Relatives: Eriel
Religion: Unsure.

Strength training
Able to build practically anything with whatever she has on hand.
Incredibly resourceful and can find almost any material she needs.
Survival training
Enhanced Senses: She has senses above a normal human’s abilities.
Night Vision: Able to see more clearly at night.
Able to stand intense heat/cold
Alignment: Good – law abiding
Personality: Diligent and hardworking, a bit squeamish when it comes to Eriel’s
training. Spirited and optimistic, it’s very hard to make her give up on

Standard race powers.
See racial profile.

Class: Ranger -in training
Weapons and Precious Items:
Sonic Screwdriver Prototype: The sonic screwdriver prototype can only affect things that run on electricity and have a technological/metal base. Natural things such as
wood ,water, ect, are unaffected.
Phobias: Survival.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual.
Occupation: Engineer

Her mother moved from Eldar to Alus many years before her
birth. She was head engineer in her military unit and met her lover while on
post. He was a native Alusarian and captivated her with his charm and
intellect. It lasted until her service time was over and she returned home,
discovering her pregnancy shortly afterwards.

Akela never heard her mother speak poorly of her father, her
mother loved and respected him that much. But she also never knew anything
about him either. Though it was difficult missing someone she didn’t even know.
She followed in her mother’s footsteps, at first tinkering with scraps she
found lying around and enhancing her mother’s old gadgets. When it became
apparent that she was a prodigy, her mother took her under her wing and taught
her everything she knew. Akela quickly became the next “miss fix-it” and was
receiving commissions to fix and build just about any sort of tool, weapon, and
appliance you could think of.

As her mother neared her retirement years, Akela sent her
back to Eldar so she could enjoy the rest of her life on her home planet. She,
however, remained in order to continue to help the people of Alus. Not long
after she began her life alone, Akela began to miss her mother’s presence and
sought out companionship. Frightened that she would merely repeat the past, she
steered away from the armed forces and utilized her skills for more civilian
means. In time, her mother’s shop became old and worn and while she had the
means to live elsewhere she couldn’t bring herself to leave Alus and reside with
the only family she had left. Or so she thought.

After being approached by a strange woman, who brought
evidence that they were siblings, she took the chance that she wasn’t crazy and
set out to live with her lost sister in the wilds. She didn’t think that Eriel
was serious about living in the wild and Akela almost got killed just trying to
get there. She was in no way shape or form prepared for the journey and almost
returned home. But family mattered more and she wasn’t going to pass up the
chance to get acquainted with her sibling; and maybe learn about her father as

Akela's greatest strength is the ability to practically make something out of nothing. With her resourcefulness, even living out in the wild, she's able to construct better armor and weapons for herself and her sister. Most beneficial when she enhances her sister's bows, enabling them to become lighter for carrying, durable, and improving the frame for accuracy.
Status: Alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Akela   2013-05-30, 12:34 pm

For the restrictions, you could just put 'see racial profile' since it covers the powers and the restrictions. So it makes it easier on both our parts. The sonic screw driver is a item, so any information about it would go under the weapons/precious item thing.

Fix those up whenever, no rush. I trust you. That said, Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Akela   2013-05-30, 1:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Akela   

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