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PostSubject: A WORLD AWAY   2013-06-01, 10:22 pm

A world away is a one way trip to mars roleplay!
sometime in the not too distant future, american scientists team up with the rest of the world to create the mars venture mission. the idea is simple; to colonize the red planet. people from all over the world apply to be apart of the mars venture mission, and only after extensive psychological testing are the select few awarded the opportunity to be the first humans to openly step foot on mars. but its a one way trip. we've got the technology to send the humans to mars, but we haven't yet figured out exactly how we would get them back. the mars venture mission isn't something to be taken lightly, its a life changing event. those aboard the mars venture vessel and those colonizing mars will experience heartbreak, desire, longing, excitement, and a million other emotions that most couldn't even fathom. aside from all that, what really exists out there in the vast emptiness of a new planet? and do the scientists really have as much at stake as the colonists? was there a mission before the mars venture mission? and just what exists out there, past where the eye can see? the possibilities are endless when you're a world away.
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PostSubject: A WORLD AWAY   2013-06-01, 10:23 pm

for some reason my link didn't work!
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