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 Chak Palenth

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PostSubject: Chak Palenth   2013-06-07, 6:04 pm

Character Name: Chak Palenth
Date Of Birth: April 2nd
Alias: n/a
Apparent Age: 7 years old
Origin: Bleeding Plains
Race: Kerlodian
Height: 2'7(4’9/6 feet long Kerlodian form)
Weight: 50 lbs(two tons Kerlodian form)
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
A splitting image of his mother, he has short, pure white hair and purple eyes
with a faint red tint.

Kerlodian form:

Red scale base with a black line going down his back. Spotted, leopard-like
stripes near the black line. Some black spots on his feet and head, and a white
belly that runs to the tip of his tail. Hasn’t developed a Devil’s tip yet,
however the very tip of his tail is sharp like a drill.

Known Relatives: Azora Palenth, mother; Gorzak Carvile, father.
Religion: The Goddess Zorpheus
Biting/scratching, basic self-defense and hunting skills (Kerlodian). Climbing
things and running longer than most children his age. Has a strong sense of
smell and can track critters well for his age.

Abilities: Typical race traits
Alignment: Good
Personality: Chak is rambunctious and lively for his age. Always encouraged to
be brave and strives to be on his best behavior for his mother. He can get wild
and sometimes doesn’t listen, but those are only when he’s really excited and
his mind focuses on one thing.
Powers: Typical Race powers
Restrictions: Race restrictions.
Strength: 7

Speed: 12

Agility: 10

Durability: 5

Stamina: 9

Natural ability: 3
Weapons and Precious Items: A glass whistle made by a professional glassblower
among the Heat Bloods. When blown in certain patterns, if he’s far away, this
lets his mother know if he is in hurt, in danger, and a variety of other
Phobias: Losing his mother, sometimes fearful of his father.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual.
Occupation: Mother.

He doesn’t know his father too well, but has always seen his mother’s face
since the day he was born. Like any little boy, he worships his mother and
tries to do things that make her happy. Although sometimes he gets too curious
or too adventurous and wanders away from her side, he is always aware of her
presence. He has a special whistle she gave him on his fifth birthday to
commemorate the age that he’s allowed to wander on his own. For precaution, he
keeps it with him at all times and he and his mother worked out a set of
patterns, like Morse code, for him to blow the whistle when he needs to communicate
with her from far away. His Kerlodian form is small and still underdeveloped.
However, unlike his mother, he prefers his human form because it’s less
intimidating and enables him to examine smaller creatures up close.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Chak Palenth   2013-06-08, 1:12 am

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Chak Palenth
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