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 Gorzak Corvile

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PostSubject: Gorzak Corvile   2013-06-08, 3:32 pm

Character Name: Gorzak Corvile
Date Of Birth: August 5th
Alias: Ice Tooth
Apparent Age: Appears to be in his late 20s; actually about 1200 years old
Origin: Torgis
Race: Kerlodian
Height: 6'2( 70’4/95 feet long Kerlodian form)
Weight: 179lbs(thirty-three tons Kerlodian form)
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Tall with fair skin, blue eyes, and black hair that shines blue in dim light.
Well built and toned, he can usually hold his own in a fist fight.

Kerlodian form:

Black scale base with blue stripes. He has three-foot long spikes starting from
the back of his neck, growing taller further down his spine, the tallest being
nine-feet long around his shoulders, and tapering off at the tail. His Devil’s
tip is smaller in comparison to female Kerlodians, but has a sharp curve like a

Known Relatives: Azora Palenth, mate. Chak Palenth, son.
Religion: None.
Basic skills, survival and hunting skills, decent hand-to-hand and sword fighting

Abilities: Typical race traits
Alignment: Not necessarily Evil, but will take the violent route to settle
Personality: Despite his good looks, he has a gruff personality. Due to living
in isolation, he is quiet but a lot goes on in his mind. He’ll get testy if
pushed enough, but this is sometimes the only way to get him to reveal his
Powers: Typical Race powers
Restrictions: Race restrictions.
Strength: 60

Speed: 29

Agility: 47

Durability: 67

Stamina: 69

Natural ability: 36
Weapons and Precious Items: Sword with blue etchings, reinforced with a
diamond/carbon core for durability; it comes with a matching black and blue
sheath. Initially made from the tooth of his great grandmother, then built upon
from there.

Phobias: Losing either Azora or Chak, especially if he harms them in his rage.
Illnesses: Slight red breath
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual.
Occupation: Rogue; Father

Originated from an isolated planet
called Torgis, a remnant of a galaxy that had collapsed, now drifting across
the universe; carried along a different time stream than most. It’s only
satellite being the giant ice crystals called the Rings of Torgis. Mostly a
dark planet and devoid of most life, it became a haven for stragglers wandering
the universe. His family had migrated there since Zor had been destroyed, but occasionally
encountered other races who sought the planet for the same reason. The harsh
terrain made finding food difficult however, and so there was always fierce
competition for the planet’s few resources. Most refugees who found their way
there got stranded until the planet drifted next to another pocket universe or
brushed another time stream; once someone got on the planet it was very, very
difficult to find their way off it.

The weather on
Torgis is just as rigid, at times ice would enter the atmosphere and rain down
as hail; only most would be the size of an adult Kerlodian. Since there is no
moon or sun, the only “light” source comes from the reflections that the ice
crystals receive from nearby planet’s suns/moons. It’s a very dim planet, good
for Kerlodian’s night vision.

Gorzak lived with
his family, a small group of five consisting of his grandmother, father, mother,
uncle, and little sister. Torgis swung around the massive time stream of the
multiverse and opened random portals across the planet and enabled him to
escape the ice storm caused by this phenomenon. He was the first to arrive on
the Bleeding Plains, however the rest of his family were cut off before they
could make it to said portal.
He wandered the Plains, eventually
contracting red breath from the ash, but found peace in the Demon Realm.
Eventually he met his lover Azora and lived many hundreds of years with her in
peace until, just before they had a child together, he got word that Torgis was
entering the time stream once more. With hope that he would find his family,
Gorzak didn’t leave his mate’s side until a portal opened.

When he returned
though, much had changed. Unknown to Gorzak, time passed fluidly on the
drifting planet and his family was long dead. The last of the Kerlodians were
being hunted to extinction by a new race that thrived in the cold and hunted in
numbers. He was stuck there and for two hundred years, he survived on his own. With
nothing but thoughts of his mate and offspring to keep him going, Gorzak became
cold and slightly deranged from his constant battle to survive; catching the
first portal back to the Bleeding Plains as fast as he could. The last portal
opened when Torgis brushed the time stream once more and the planet finally met
it’s end, colliding against the walls of it’s own time stream; annihilating
anything left on the planet that did not leave.

His mind had been
altered and, upon return, he had become more violent and forceful. His mate
almost didn’t recognize him and when she showed resistance he attacked. Only
when he fell back from her attacks did he calm down and realize what he’d done
and fled after she took their son.
At times he will seek them out when
Azora, rarely, ventures outside of the cloaked realm so that he can see his
son. However, usually they separate with a strain on the relationship. Only spending time with his child seems to
keep him at peace.

Otherwise, Gorzak
wanders the demon realm, showing no mercy to those he hunts and even less to
those that would do him harm. It isn’t very often that he takes his human form,
seeing him in public is an even more rare occurrence.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Gorzak Corvile   2013-06-09, 1:55 am

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Gorzak Corvile
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