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 Eden Rose

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PostSubject: Eden Rose   2013-06-08, 4:48 pm

Character Name: Eden Rose
Date Of Birth: January 1st
Alias: "Shepherd to Paradise" or, on the opposite spectrum, "Demon Snatcher"
Age: 21
Origin: One of the many Alternate Earths
Race: Biologically-engineered Human
Height: 5’8
Weight: 116lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Fair-skinned and light of build, her eyes are a light grey,
almost silver. Dark, shoulder-length hair. She appears fragile.

Known Relatives: Few other biologically-engineered humans exist, any that do
are considered her “siblings.” Emily Rose, director of H.A.R.P., and her acting
Religion: None.
Strong survival skills, domestic skills, and weapon skills ranging from use of
guns, knives, some short sword experience. Excellent sniper skills. A trained
tactician, engineer, hacker, and strategist. Possesses an array of skills that
enables her to take on virtually any challenge in order to complete her
objectives. Understanding of anatomy and healing processes.


Enhanced cognitive awareness, able to see through almost any
guise and illusion. This enables her to see the true form of any target she’s
sent to control and relocate.

She is able to neutralize most protective barriers, a part
of her genetic engineering, because she naturally releases a pheromone that disables
force fields.

Spontaneous regeneration: broken bones, organs, tissues and severed digits regenerate quickly, limbs
can also regenerate over time.

Telepath: Can communicate with all people, races, animals with telepathic waves. She can transfer images or thoughts into others' minds and strongly suggest thoughts. The more she concentrates on something and creates a clearer image, the more strongly the person will think this. Can also read surface thoughts, such as feeling cold, or hot, feeling tired, or happy. Since she can't feel emotion very well, these feelings do not influence her in any way. Also, very strong/powerful thoughts or ideas (love, lust, anger, ect.) can also be felt. If words accompany these thoughts, she can usually read the mind as well.
Alignment: Neutral, follows orders to the T, sometimes regardless of whether
they’re categorized as “good” or “bad.”
Personality: Like the few other
engineered humans, Eden takes and completes tasks with nothing less than
perfection. Due her genetics being altered, she can experience pain but can
become numb to it, however this is also true to her feelings as well. With the
exception of the director, Eden doesn’t get attached to anyone or anything, and
doesn’t have the drive to seek out others. For this reason, she is one of the
only agents that works without a partner; obviously she has no love interests
either. She has a perfectionist personality but, because she’s so good at what
she does, Eden can sometimes forget that she’s still a human and even with her
abilities she can become critically injured. This has been her downfall at
times and she takes failure to heart.

Can adopt abilities from some creatures she encounters
depending on her relationship with them. For example, the unicorn is docile
around women, by befriending one she can inherently learn the ability to create
an illusionary field around herself.

She can experience pain but can become numb to it until,
over time, it doesn’t affect her.

She dies if her head is severed, 10% chance of regeneration
if it is quickly replaced to the neck. If she moves too much during
regeneration, it’s possible for her to not completely recover. I.E. Lungs don’t
completely regenerate before the skin closes and she only has one lung.

If a force field or barrier is charged with elemental
attributes or an offensive ability, she can get through most but she will take
elemental damage. I.E. electrically charged force fields will electrocute her.
She can regenerate but still experience the pain of full voltage.

Numbing oneself to feeling, of any kind, numbs the emotions
as well. Thus making her a less personable character to get along with. Also,
numbing too much pain makes her immune to feeling altogether. This is
dangerous, because when the body doesn’t give you a reaction to pain, it’s easy
to fall into a critical state. Even with regenerative abilities, this is
difficult to recover from.

She can only use one power from an animal at a time, some
powers become useless because of her natural abilities. I.E. force field
learned from said unicorn is typically weakened because her natural pheromones
neutralize the effects of illusionary fields.

Her telepathic abilities are stronger than most, however she can't actually control people's actions, but put in very strong thoughts.
Stats (all stats can fluctuate due to certain abilities):
Strength: 20

Speed: 37

Agility: 47

Durability: 65

Stamina: 69

Natural ability: 77
Weapons and Precious Items: Has nothing that she truly owns, even her DNA is
something borrowed.

Phobias: Failing a mission and having a magical creature on the run.
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual, though Asexual in nature
Occupation: Top-class H.A.R.P. agent.

A creation of H.A.R.P. (Hazardous
Animal Relocation Project), Eden is one of the few biologically-engineered
humans on her planet. She was designed to be able to combat the magical
creatures that still wander Earth, subdue them, and relocate them. There are
various organizations like HARP, there is one main branch located on each
continent and many sub-branches located in almost every country. These factions
were created thousands of years ago when humans began pushing the magical
creatures out of their territory. Around the time of the scientific revolution,
it was discovered that their Earth sat on a variety of pocket universes that
the magical creatures originated from. By the late 1900s, each main branch had
been established and began spreading their influence without public knowledge;
even the government wasn’t aware of their existence.

Each main branch
also set up their HQ at the portal of these pocket universes. The story, “Journey
to the Center of the Earth” was inspired by the occasional outsider stumbling
upon these pockets. Some, like the one located under the East-Asian HQ, open up
to a world five times the size of Earth. Others can be smaller, ten times
smaller than earth, such as those located around the European HQ. Each pocket
contains a habitat that is most ideal for the creatures that live in the area,
i.e. the South American pocket reveals a realm that is covered in jungles and

For the most part,
Eden stays within the North American jurisdiction, but can occasionally handle
creatures that stray from their area. When they become a problem, she goes out
for capture-relocate missions, though she doesn’t accompany them home. She is
one of the best agents at HARP, adopted and raised by the director herself and
usually one of the first sent out for the most dangerous missions.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Eden Rose   2013-06-09, 2:00 am

That's an interesting biology she's got there.

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Eden Rose
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