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 Rahzenshia Rose

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PostSubject: Rahzenshia Rose   2013-06-08, 6:24 pm

Character Name: Rahzenshia Rose
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Alias: Rahzel, Blue Rose, the Sleeping Goddess, Harbinger of the End
Apparent Age: 26
Origin: Earth (See Eden Rose)
Race: Goddess Incarnation
Height: 5’11
Weight: 129 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Fair-skinned and tall, has a model-like thin frame. Long,
spiraling black hair that probably touches her toes. Unnaturally deep, blue
eyes, the only part of her that resembles her Goddess form.

Goddess form:

The base of her skin
is black, blue and green, but shimmers with multiple colors in the light. Her
hair takes on warmer tones, though still keeps the bluish shine, and her
overall complexion and coloring appears metallic. Her eyes are like blue

Known Relatives: Biologically-engineered humans created from her DNA against
her will. These are her “children.”
Religion: Origin of the religion Razenthia, named after herself, the one who
created the pocket realms for the safety of mythical creatures.

Basic skills. Being biologically/telepathically connected to her “offspring,”
Rahzenshia can communicate with one or all of them at any given time. Able to
potentially adapt and learn almost any skill.

Enhanced senses. Resistant to magic/elements.
Semi-immortal, see Reincarnation.
Immune to disease.
Shape-shifting abilities, she can turn into virtually any mythical animal.
Can communicate with mythical creatures by telepathic ability or speech. Can
also adapt multiple abilities that each creature has and wield multiple at
Alignment: Neutral.
Personality: Generally loving and caring
towards all creatures and respects the natural cycle of life. However, due to
humans being reckless and destroying their own world, she has become
unforgiving toward them.

Can adopt abilities from any magical creature, since she
gave them in the first place. Biological manipulation, i.e. the creation of new

Able to negate all powers from her clones or mythical
creatures; can potentially use these powers against them.

Can become immune to pain

Summon any mythical creature and can create new mythical

Telepathy: She can communicate with any creature with her
mind and can suggest thoughts. While she personally dislikes controlling
others, believing in free will, she can bend the mind of a weaker being.

Telekinesis: Able to move objects with her mind
Physical Telekinesis: When conscious, she can send out projections from her
body in order to move or alter the physical realm. I.e. can reach out with
telekinetic hands to touch others. This power can also bend shape and become a
number of things, it is mostly used as a weapon and takes the shape of a
scythe. While she can’t physically lift things that a person her size normally
can, her telekinesis ability can potentially lift anything, such as raising the

She dies if her head is severed, 30% chance of regeneration
if it is quickly replaced to the neck.
Reincarnation: Able to reincarnate with memories fully intact, however this
happens over a period of hundreds of years; year cap is 1,000.

Although she’s immune to pain, like her clones, she can also
lose feeling and emotion. This can become detrimental to her human body,
because it is much more fragile than her Goddess form. It’s easy to fall into a
critical state. Even with regenerative abilities, this is difficult to recover

In her universe, her Goddess form can potentially destroy
all that she created if she assumes this form. The amount of energy that she’d
need to become all-powerful within her realm would consume all and she would
have to start over. While this is one of the options she has considered to
recreate her world anew, it is also a very depressing one and something she’d
rather not do. However, in other universes, she can possibly revert to this
form because she is not the all-powerful being in other dimensions.

Although all mythical creatures will do as she asks without
the need of mind bending, humans are much more difficult to control. Weaker minded
humans are easy to manipulate, she can even handle a crowd of them, but if they
collectively fight back she can lose connection. Potentially, she can
completely lose connection and, if the person fights hard enough, they can
sever her connection so that she can never telepathically connect again.

The projections she sends out are almost invisible, but
larger shapes tend to have a reflective nature. If she’s careless, the
projections can be seen with a shimmery surface. In a weaker state, trying to
lift buildings or continents with her telekinesis can cause her human body to
undergo too much stress; there is a 2% chance that it can kill her. Otherwise,
she will have to be hospitalized and can become comatose for hours to months on
Stats (all stats can fluctuate due to certain abilities):
Strength: 57

Speed: 82

Agility: 78

Durability: 79

Stamina: 87

Natural ability: 99
Weapons and Precious Items: N/A, has little to no need for material things.

Phobias: That her beautiful plan of creation is destroyed by that which she
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual, though likely unable to have children.
Occupation: Sleeping Goddess.

At the creation of her AU, her essence
was at the center and when she matured she created Earth and it’s surrounding
planets and galaxies in her universe. After creation, she was no longer
necessary as a Goddess and decided that she would inhabit the Earth as one of
her own Creatures. While her human body was immune to age she could still die by
other means and, when she does, it can take hundreds, almost a thousand years
for her consciousness to reform and construct a new body to be reincarnated
When this happened, she was unaware, or
“asleep,” during the time of human expansion and conquest. As a result, people
fought one another over land and territory for a deity that wasn’t even aware
of their struggle. To her dismay, the majority of the population of magical
beings had been reduced and humans were all but killing their planet.
The first time she reincarnated, she
attempted to stop the humans by summoning the Leviathan, an unholy, aquatic
creature of enormous size; roughly the size of the Atlantic Ocean. In her rage,
she unintentionally sank the age-old city of Atlantis with this creature. Upon
seeing her own capabilities of destruction, her tears sparked a flood that
drowned her along with the last, peaceful human civilization. In her
unconscious state, she limited herself even further and lost more of her power
so that she could never flood the planet again.
Once more regenerating, Rahzenshia
awoke around the mid-twentieth century and was again, devastated by the humans’
disregard for life and their own planet. Again, Rahzel began plotting events to
ultimately end the world, but this time, in order to bring the pocket universes
into existence in Earth’s place.
She was apprehended as she attempted to
enter one of the portals. Initially Rahzel fought, but in her human form she
was weaker and put to sleep, then isolated. After years of testing and
research, realizing that her power was greater than anything they’d ever
encountered, samples of her DNA and tissues were taken to be used in analytical
testing phases. After initial testing took place, it was apparent that, while
it was difficult for the Goddess to reproduce, they could “clone” her and
create sub-beings whose abilities reflected those of her own.

As long as she is
unconscious, Rahzenshia is unable to utilize any of her powers. However, if one
of her own gets close, she has the potential to awaken in response to one of
her “children.” An accidental outbreak nearly occurred when the first biologically-engineered
child drew near and she almost awoke completely. The clone had to be “put down”
to counter this and research was set back another ten years until the next
clones were created.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Rahzenshia Rose   2013-06-09, 2:09 am

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Rahzenshia Rose
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