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PostSubject: Velvet   2013-06-08, 7:03 pm

Character Name: Velvet
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Alias: Witch of Elrit Forest, Kingdomless Princess, Odin’s Illegitimate
Apparent Age: 26
Origin: Kingdom of Valentine
Race: Human
Height: 5’6
Weight: 113 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Velvet wears a revealing outfit – she contains her fairly
long, blond hair in a red cap decorated with black lace and gold star
ornaments. She wears a revealing top that leaves her midriff open and a red
half-skirt with dark drapery around her hips, and black stockings, finishing
with black slippers.
Known Relatives: Father, Odin. Ariel, Princess of Valentine, deceased.
Gwendolyn, younger, half-sister. Grizelda, half-sister, deceased. Twin, Ingway.
Grandfather Valentine, deceased.
Religion: N/A

Basic skills. Skilled in using the Graveryl, potentially able to use other
chain-type weapons as well.
Knowledge of numerous magics and alchemy concoctions.

She is able to chain multiple combos on one enemy, thanks to
her dance-like movement.


Expert acrobat and flexibility.

Her unique attack that she is able to generate her chain to
search the target and hit it, an instant death for her foes. She has a wide
variation for her attack, most notably her ability to 'stretch' her chain and
her ability to track down foes.

She also excels in mid range battle, with her abilty to
swing around. Uses her chains to swing from trees or other sturdy objects for a
convenient way to travel.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Personality: A very serious and
independent young woman with a lot of issues, but only because she has gone
through a lot of problems in her life as an outcast to both her grandfather and
initially her whole nation when the people of Valentine heard that she and her
brother were the children of the enemy. But, despite all of these troubles, she
tends to be a sweet, kind and even motherly woman. She is also very determined
to succeed in her goal to prevent Armageddon and save all of Erion. She has a
deep hatred for her father, the Demon Lord, because she believed that he left
her, her brother Ingway and their mother; and that he did not care if they all
were to be killed by her grandfather. She also denies that he loved or even
cared about them, saying that if he did love them he would have done something
to prevent her mother's death, or at least save her and Ingway from a life of
suffering under their grandfather.

Psypher Abilities:

Cyclone: Sends a tall cyclone barreling down the path,
damaging everything it touches for multiple hits.

Invisibility: Unable to deal or receive physical damage
for five minutes, only Alchemy and other Psypher abilities work. Renders the
user completely invisible.

Phozon Burst: Hits for a single, heavy damage hit to all

Overload: Increases attack power to double.

Phozon Release: Releases a small bit of phozons, works on
growing seeds for alchemy ingredients.

Shadow Ally: Creates a shadow of Gwendolyn that mimics her
attacks. Great for building heavy combos but requires close combat.

Gravity and the fact that she is physically weak to most
characters, only the power of her Psypher makes up for this and the speed of
her attacks.
Strength: 25

Speed: 82

Agility: 78

Durability: 26

Stamina: 49

Natural ability: 33
Weapons and Precious Items: Chain Psypher, Graveryl

Phobias: Her grandfather, despite him being dead.
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual.
Occupation: Princess, Forest Witch, Savior

(See here, for original story:

She generally
resides in an Erion where the Armageddon occurred, but instead of demise, almost
everyone survives. Velvet frequently visits her younger sister, Gwendolyn, and
strives to return her kingdom of Valentine to its former glory when it was a
thriving, peaceful nation.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Velvet   2013-06-09, 2:14 am

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