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 Rahzel (Dragonborn)

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PostSubject: Rahzel (Dragonborn)   2013-06-11, 12:02 pm

Character Name: Rahzenshia (Rahzel, to those who she
considers kin or ally)
Fandom: Skyrim
Date Of Birth: February 28th
Alias: Dragonborn, Guildmaster, Dark Brotherhood Assassin
Apparent Age: 26
Origin: Valenwood
Race: Bosmer (Wood Elf)
Height: 5’7
Weight: 130 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Tanned with dark brown hair, falling just under her
shoulders, with two braids holding the sides back. Wears a variety of clothing,
no matter how mismatching or ridiculous it looks, as long as the enchantments
do what she needs them to.
Known Relatives: N/A
Religion: Zenithar, Dibella, Akatosh, Nocturnal, Azura, Mephala, and Meridia.

Overdraw:Bows do 80% more damage

Eagle Eye: While aiming, she can ‘zoom in’ her vision

Power Shot: Arrows stagger all but the largest opponents 50% of the time

Quick Shot: Draws a bow 30% faster

Steady Hand: Zooming in with a bow slows time by 50%

Bullseye:15% chance of paralyzing the target for a few seconds

Steel, Elven, Glass, and Dragon
Armor: Can create these armors and material at forges, and improve them twice
as much
Arcane Blacksmith: Improve magical weapons and armor

Light fingers: Pickpocketing bonus of 60%. Item weight and value reduce
pickpocketing odds.
Night Thief: +25% chance to pickpocket if the target is asleep

Alchemist: Potions and poisons
she makes are 20% stronger


Stealth: 35% harder to detect when sneaking
Backstab: Sneak attacks with one-handed weapons now do 6x’s damage
Deadly Aim: Sneak attacks with bows do 3x’s damage

Haggling: Buying and selling prices are 30% better
Allure: 10% better prices with the opposite sex
Merchant: Can sell any type of item to any kind of merchant
Investor: Can invest 500 gold with a shopkeeper to increase their gold
Fence: Can barter stolen goods with any merchant you’ve invested in

Dragonborn Abilities:
The Fire Within: Fire
Breath shout deals 25% more damage

Innate abilities-

Command Animal: Make an animal an
ally for 60 seconds
Resist Disease and Poison: 50% resistance to poison and disease.

Other(granted through
Blessing of Dibella: +10 Speechcraft
Sailor’s Repose: Healing spells cure 10% more
Gift of the Gab: Speech skill increases 15% faster.

Current Standing Stone:
The Steed Stone: Those under the sign of The Steed can carry more (100 extra
carrying capacity. No movement penalty applied due to armor, i.e. equipped
armor is weightless)

Alignment: Chaotically Neutral
Personality: Originally, she’d been a quiet, reserved Bosmer who gave life the
highest regard. However, after travelling to Skyrim, she’s become more
ruthless, outspoken, snide, and almost vulgar. There is usually always
something to complain or poke about because the world she lives in has some
strange rules. Rahzel usually comments on these, especially the one about where
all her items go once acquired and why picking up a flower (when she’s at her
weight limit) suddenly makes her unable to move when the whole time she’s been
lugging around Dragon Bones and Ebony Armor to market.
Innate powers-
Flames: Can cast a stream of flame from her hands.
Healing: Casts average healing on herself.

Dragon Shouts:

Whirlwind Sprint: Enables her to suddenly sprint a football field away
Unrelenting Force: A great shout that completely knocks any in it's back backward, lighter objects/opponents usually knocked back fifteen feet and go flying in the air. Greater opponents stagger.
Firebreath: Her Voice is a breath of intense flame that shoots out as a fireball
Icebreath: Her Voice is a breath of intense cold that shoots out as a freezing whirlwind
Dragonrend: An angry Shout that forces dragons to realize the meaning of 'mortality' and causes them to land and do melee battle.
Disarm: A quick Shout that yanks an enemy's weapon from their hands
Throw Voice: A soft shout that echoes, causing enemies to search for the source, but usually cannot locate you.
Become Ethereal: Her body becomes ghost-like and cannot be harmed by physical means, can pass through solid objects.

Apprentice Conjuration-
Bound Bow: Summons a bow
that lasts for three minutes, accompanied by arrows as well
Summoner: Can summon
atronachs or raise undead twice as far away
Atromancy: Double duration
for conjured Atronachs

Apprentice Restoration:
Recovery: Magicka regenerates 50% faster
Avoid Death: Once a day, heals 1/5 health automatically if in critical (10%)
condition; only if the damage does not kill her.

Other (acquired through quests):
Agent of Dibella: Grants 10% more attack damage to members of the opposite sex.
Prowler’s Profit: Increased chance of finding multiple precious gems in chests,
burial urns, corpses, ect.
Archery power is affected by the type of bow and arrows she carries. These will
be defined at the beginning of each thread and every time she acquires new

Pickpocketing is affected by the Sneak skill, she can only
Pickpocket characters when crouching (in ‘Sneak’ mode).

Has limited magicka/magicka regenerates slowly. Since she
uses Conjuration, she can usually only use one spell at a time anyway, and that’s
for the duration of an entire battle.

When using Double Draw, normal Archery skills don’t work
except Steady Hand.

Shouts recharge after a certain amount of time, in RP, she will only be able to use a new shout after a certain amount of time. Dragonrend may be used multiple times as it resets by the time it wears off in order to call a dragon back down from the sky, has a duration of two posts. Throw voice is short-lived as it is a 'whisper shout', shouts recharge after one post. Fire and Frost breath take a duration of five posts to recover from before a new shout can be used. Disarm has a recovery time of three posts. Whirlwind Sprint recovers after two posts. Unrelenting Force recovers after three posts. Become Ethereal recovers after five posts, lasts a duration of two posts, she can be harmed by magic in this form and cannot touch solid matter while in this state.
Special Techniques:
Double Draw: Can draw two arrows at once.
Super Techniques: N/A
Class: Archer
Weapons and Precious Items: Usually carries one of any type of bow that she can
forge above, plus 100 arrows to accompany such bow. Blackguard Armor (Carrying
capacity increased to 50). Krosis (mask, Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy
skills are increased by 20%). Skeleton Key (unlocks any lock, hence
deterioration of any Lockpicking skills)
Phobias: Dying.
Illnesses: May contract Rockjoint or Bonebreak Fever from bites/scratches from
wild animals.
Rockjoint (Wolves/Sabretooths): Symptoms include painful swelling and
immobility of all joints. Cure: Activating a temple altar, using a Cure Disease
potion, talking to a Vigilant of Stendarr.
Bonebreak Fever (Skeevers/Bears): An intense fever that drains Stamina and
Strength. Cure: Activating a temple altar, using a Cure Disease potion, talking
to a Vigilant of Stendarr.
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual.
Occupation: Thieves Guildmaster, Dark Brotherhood Assassin.

It began when she travelled across Skyrim in search of
adventure and fortune, when she was at Darkwater Crossing she accidentally
stumbled upon a battle between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. The Imperials
had won and captured anyone in the area, taking them to Helgen, and forcing
them upon the chopping block. While awaiting her fate, a terrifying ebony
dragon appeared and attacked the city of Helgen; feeding and destroying as he
pleased. She managed to escape and followed an Imperial to safety, fighting off
the surviving Stormcloaks as they escaped the burning city. Afterwards, she was
encouraged to travel to Whiterun and from there her life and journeys began.

Since then, she’s lost all sense of justice and law. Having
joined the Thieve’s guild in Riften and quickly rising in their ranks. Although
technically considered the new Guildmaster, only officially gaining the title
after returning the Key to the Twilight Sepulcher, she secretly keeps it for
herself. While this was the downfall of the last Guildmaster, she brings in
more than enough coin to make everyone happy; nobody asks questions as to where
it came from, of course, in the Thieve’s Guild.

She’d also, unintentionally, joined the Assassin’s Guild.
While she’d spilled the blood of many a bandit and monster alike, she’d never
taken the life of an innocent. Learning the ways of the cold-blooded killer,
Rahzel fell further into the depths of darkness.

That was where she began consulting the Daedric lords.
Meridia was the first, not as evil as the rest, and required her assistance to
cleanse her sanctuary. Then there was Azura, whose artifact was experimented
upon by a mad mage. Later, she discovered Boethia and was not unaccustomed to
her desire for killing the unwary, and Molag Bolg, another lord whom required
bloodshed. Mephala needed her to release her from behind a sealed door.
Nocturnal still waits for her Skeleton Key, and Hermaeus Mora continually
grants her untold knowledge from time to time.

Her journeys have taken her to Solstheim, an island where
Dark Elves reside among other things, and she’s met Miraak. She’s crossed
blades with the Thalmor on more than one occasion. And has met the Dawnguard,
though choosing the side of the vampire. Her current follower is Serana, the
beautiful vampire daughter of Lord Harkon.

Although Dragonborn, Rahzel doesn’t bother much with the
dragons or the war. A thief and plunderer at heart, her life in Skyrim has
become a very long vacation. Owning homes across the land and having an ally in
virtually every city and guild. She’s the equivalent to Maven Blackbriar; and
imagines killing her in various ways, daily.
Status: Alive.

If you want to learn more about Skyrim, here is an excellent source:
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PostSubject: Re: Rahzel (Dragonborn)   2013-06-12, 12:26 am


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Rahzel (Dragonborn)
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