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PostSubject: Serana   2013-06-11, 1:18 pm

Character Name: Serana
Fandom: Skyrim
Date Of Birth: Unknown, Early First Era
Alias: One of the “Daughters of Coldharbour”, Lady Serana
Apparent Age: 26
Origin: Castle Volkihar, off the coast of Solitude
Race: pure-blood Vampire
Height: 5’6
Weight: 122 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Pale-skinned with raven hair. Eye color is unknown, as
they always burn orange-yellow with hunger. Always wears royal vampire armor,
dark clothing that reflects her title and lineage. When out in the sunlight,
she will don a hood to protect her further from the sunlight.

Vampire Lord form:

When in this form, her body becomes disfigured into that of
a monster. Her skin turns a pale green tint and bat-like wings protrude from
her body; though she cannot fly, only hover.
Known Relatives: Lord Harkon, father. Valerica, mother.
Religion: Molag Bolg

Stealth: 35% harder to detect when sneaking
Backstab: Sneak attacks with one-handed weapons now do 6x’s damage

Flexible and capable of various acrobatic movements.


Night vision, enhances senses and
superior reflexes. Superhuman strength.

Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Enterprising and friendly, but also lonely due to her troubled
childhood and her mother’s self-exile, which is why she confides in Rahzel once
she became her follower. She harbors a degree of resentment towards her mother
for locking her away and is angry that her feelings weren’t taken into
consideration. As a child she was close with her mother, but once her parents
began to fight, she felt trapped between them both. Her mother would feed her
negative opinions of her father and eventually she began to believe them. She
was never close to her father but still loves him because he is her parent. She
feels trapped between the conflict that consumes her parents and sees herself
as a pawn that they use against each other. Deep down she wishes they were able
to reconcile and become a family again, but realizes that it’s not possible.
When questioned about her vampirism, she can get defensive and doesn’t like
talking about the ceremony as it was degrading, though she doesn’t regret the
power it granted her, and sees it as a gift that she earned. The only regret
she has is how it tore her family apart.
Vampiric Drain: Drains opponent’s health
Ice Spike: Large shards of ice shoot from her palms to pierce and can pin down
Lightning Bolt: Bolts of Lightning shoot from her palms and can reach up to 30
yards away.

Raise Dead: Can reanimate a dead body to become her Thrall.
Adept Conjuration: Able to reanimate even Dremora Lords or Catiffs
Summon Gargoyle: Summons a monster resembling a horrific gargoyle that has
super strength and durability.

Vampire Lord powers:

Magicka regenerates 2% faster
Vampiric Claws protrude from her hands to deal extra melee damage.
Bats: she transforms into a swarm of bats for two seconds in order to evade
Raise Dead: Allows her to reanimate a fallen corpse.
Summon Gargoyle
Weakened in the sunlight.
Reanimated undead last for five posts, Dremora undead last for seven.
Durnehviir will only fight for her if Rahzel is present.

A Vampire Lord is terrifying and she will be attacked on
sight in all towns and cities in this form. The only way to recover health is
to feed on her enemies.
Special Techniques:
Summoning Portal: Can open the Soul Cairn and call forth Durnehviir (an undead
dragon) for the Dragonborn.
Super Techniques: N/A
Class: Vampire
Weapons and Precious Items: Usually fights with an Elven Dagger. Always dons
Royal Vampiric Armor.
Phobias: Allowing Harkon to act out his plan to dominate the world by blotting
out the sun.
Illnesses: Vampirism. Sanguinare Vampiris- can bite others to turn them into
Vampire Lords.
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual.
Occupation: Vampiric Lady

When she came of age, like the women in her family before
her, Serana went through a ceremony dedicated to Molag Bolg, Daedric lord of
domination, that gave her the abilities of a pure-blooded vampire. While she
appreciates the power as a reward for undergoing the terrible ritual, she
regrets it because it tore her family apart. Her parents, drunk with power,
began fighting and her father attempted to destroy the sun forever so that
vampires could walk freely among the living and extend their power to all
corners of the world. Her mother opposed this and, betraying her daughter’s
trust, locked her away in a stone sarcophagus for thousands of years with an
Elder Scroll to keep her away from Harkon.

Currently, she may reside with her father in his castle, but
often accompanies Rahzenshia (the Dragonborn) in her travels for companionship
and to confide in her only friend. She has yet to discover where her mother,
Valerica, has been hiding all these years but, for now, she and Rahzel are
welcome within Harkon’s castle.
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Serana   2013-06-12, 12:26 am


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