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 Joseph Reaver

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Joseph Reaver   Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:50 pm

Character Name: Joseph Reaver

Alias: Just 'Joe' by most of his friends.

Apparent Age: 20

Origin: Alus

Height: 6'0

Weight: 189 lbs

Physical Description: Brown skin, blue eyes

Known Relatives:

Amanda Reaver-Wife-Deceased<

Kane Reaver-Grand farhter

Kate Reaver-Neice(Currently in his care)

Race: Alusarian

Religion: None

Skills: Z-Figter skills, basic skills. Ki usage and manipulation. Martial Arts(Family style) Some Alus miltiary trainning. Domestic skills, can surprisingly play the piano rather well.

Abilities: Advanced senses(weak to the opposing effects). Combat Inst incs, eyes turn white when angry.

Alignment: Good

Personality: Joseph is a down to earth person at heart. He does have a surprising sense of humor as well. If you spend enough time with him, you'll find him a very easy going and sometimes quite funny person.

Powers: See Racial Bio.

Restrictions: See Racial Bio.

Weapons and Precious Items: Wallet: A normal wallet with the basic things, not much else to say.

Capsules: One of them contains a small house, the others have basic things inside of them.

Super Forms:

Super 1: Nothing really changes except his aura is stronger and the user gets steel grey eyes and hair.

Super 2: The only difference is that hair color will turn a gray/silver color and the same colored electricity will spark around him every once in a while.

Super 3: Nothing changes at all outside anyway, except the hair getting longer.

Super 4: The hair is the same/white silver color except this time it's black colored electricty instead of the normal silver/white color. The voice also changes sounding more colder.

Special Techiques:

Twilight Flash: A powerful white/silver beam is formed. It can be used like a normal attack, or if you charge it enough it can blind someone for a short period of time. Think of it as a offensive Solar Flare. The only drawback is that it can be just as hurtful to the user and blind them as well.

Dragon Dance: A dragon made of pure energy(color and such varies on the user of course) is formed by launching seemingly two minor Ki blast upwards. Afterwards, the two ki blast meet and form the energy dragon. It comes down roaring once before unleashing a strong but extremely quick beam. Takes effort to pull off.

Kamehameha wave: The famous Kamehameha wave created by master Roshi. A strong blue energy is formed by cupping the hands together.

Ki ball: A normal ki ball, nuff said.

Ki rings: An technique learned by Zangya. Ki rings will be formed in an
attempt to freeze his opponent. The strength is entirely up to Joseph,
as its based on one's own strength.

Ki sence: Can feel the opponents general level of power.

Hide Ki: Hide his ki from anyone around. Can still be felt by people with a strong ki sence.

Intstant Transmission: Can teleport from any given location by locking onto ki energy.

Power up: Self explainatory. He powers his body to make himself stronger or uses it to ascend to various forms(Super forms)

Fusion Dance: By performing a odd dance(not too different from two people who have absolutely no rythm or skill in dancing) he's able to fuse with another warrior. Usually for thirty minutes or less.

Multi-Form: Joseph can split into copies of himself, of course each copy is weaker and the more of them they are, the weaker they tend to be.

Super Techiques: N/A

Class: Z-Fighter

Phobias: Friends and family dying

Illnesses: N/A

Sexual Preferences: Straight

Occupation: Earth Special Forces

History: Joseph comes from a diffrent demension all the way from his home planet of Alus. For a time, he stayed in another demension with many problems and countless foes from every which way. He soon met Will Galford and Jason Winters for the first in a battle agaisnt The Legendary Super Sayain(Brolly). After the battle he soon continued on a quest to undo a curse placed on him that cut his power in half by finding the ring and breaking it.(After putting it back together) After regaining his former power he held off or rather distracted a evil version of Jason to keep him away from Jason's sister. Luckily, a more powerful but also kind version of Jason came to stop him. After a breif discussion, he headed out to Will's home demension to get some things cleared. It was a little after that he met and befriended Jason somewhat. Joseph left for a while before comeing back but he didn't get to continue to think to much longer when Brolly came into the spot light once more. Joseph along with, Jason, Will, Matrix, and another fighter managed to drive him away.

Eventually though, he decided to go back to his home dimension after a while, becoming increasingly trouble and put off by the certain things in the other Multi-Verse he had been too.

Status: Alive

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Re: Joseph Reaver   Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:23 am

Approved, for justice.
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Joseph Reaver
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