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 Annette Atelier

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PostSubject: Annette Atelier   2013-06-28, 10:46 pm

Character Name: Annette Atelier
Date of Birth: May 5
Alias: Annie
Age: 19
Origin: Aenrald
Race: Human
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives: James Atelier; brother.
Religion: N/A
Vague engineer training
Basic accounting
Basic domestic skills
Able to use bayonets, shotguns, rifles, and some training with sniper rifles.
20/20 vision
Alignment: Good
Personality: High-spirited and spunky, quick on her feet and smart as a whip. When the going gets tough, she digs her heels in and stays for the long haul. Although she doesn’t support the war and would rather live in peace, even in harmony with other races, her brother’s involvement in the war has restricted her efforts and views.
Class: Gunner
Weapons and Precious Items: Various handheld weapons and the occasional rifle her brother has hidden around the house.
Phobias: That the war will never end (in her lifetime), and humanity will destroy all life and the planet itself.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Males.
Occupation: Seamstress
  As a child, Annette was always on the go. Her energy was boundless and it was difficult for her foster parents to restrain her curiosity. It got to the point that she and her brother stayed in the orphanage they grew up in and took to learning various trades. She settled down in her teens, working hard to get out of the dreary place, until both she and her brother earned enough to live on their own and become a part of society.
  Though she doesn’t make nearly enough as her brother, Annette learned many things from the people she’d met over the years in her trade. Her overall opinion of the war has been neutral. She hates the fighting but feels that, mostly because of her brother’s involvement, she’s powerless to do anything. Even if she could make a stand, the fear of being murdered and having it being covered up in support of the war was there as well. The only way she could do anything was to invest in textiles made from plant material, not dragonhide. In her own little way, she tried to make a difference.
  Until she met Elizabeth Archer.
  Like a whisper on the wind, she began teaching the girl about the rebellion opposed to the war. The few humans out there that did want to stop the senseless violence. And, like a moth to the flame, Annette eagerly soaked up every bit of information she could get. Whenever her brother was away, she would try to meet with Elizabeth. They would trade information and, at times, smuggle people through her home that wanted to join the rebellion but were on the run. It was at great cost though. Her brother, vaguely aware of his sister’s involvement with the rebels, attempts to intercept the women. Elizabeth, luckily, always manages to slip away.
  If given the opportunity, and living guilt-free, she would join the rebellion and leave her human home in an instant.
Status: Alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Annette Atelier   2013-06-28, 11:50 pm

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Annette Atelier
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