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 Corsa Skuldnir

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PostSubject: Corsa Skuldnir   2013-06-29, 2:40 am

Character Name: Corsa Skuldnir
Date of Birth: August 20
Alias: Sage; Nar’Ahrn (Stone-Wielder); Selu’Taar (High Caster)
Apparent Age: Appears to be in her late 20s; 72 years old.
Origin: Aenrald
Race: Elven
Height: 6’3
Weight: 146 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:
Muiria; cousin.
Elynwen; mother (deceased).
Arkovir; father (deceased).
Lorelli; aunt-in-law (deceased).
Endelvin; uncle (deceased).
Religion: Ivae’ess; Pagan Elven Goddess of Light/Hope/Salvation – ‘Light Bringer’
Hand-to-hand combat
Swordsmanship; specifically one-handed weapons
Acrobatics/Balance; enables her to traverse the treetops
Basic domestic skills
Survival skills
Natural enhanced hand-eye coordination
Enhanced senses.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Personality: Quiet and stern, though when it comes to battle she will take command and throw herself into her role. No move is made without careful consideration, but when losses are inevitable, she will do what she can to enable the retreat of as many as possible. Fighting has been instilled into her very being since she was young, and ever since she saved her cousin from being cleaved in two, she’s become numb to feelings of pity for her adversaries. Having been desensitized at a young age, she also has the ability to separate emotion from logic when it comes to statistics. A fact that later comes back to haunt her, but on most occasions it has saved more lives than it would have if she caved into her feelings.

Control over Earth elements. Able to manipulate earth all around her at will.
Control over Wind elements. Able to manipulate wind all around her at will.
Earth: The extent of this power is 200 yards (2 football fields). The earth can grow as tall as 100 yards tall. She can open fissures in the ground 150 feet deep (50 yards). She can control Earth as long as she is, in some way, connected to it. Again, if she can see it, she can manipulate it. But, for example, if she is encased somewhere that she can’t see anything, she can feel Earth (if it’s nearby) but her control over it grows weaker.
Concentration is key in controlling Earth as well. If she is not focused when utilizing her power, her control is weakened and her attacks aren’t as powerful/accurate.
Wind: The extent of this power is 20 feet directly around or above her. Much powerful at close range, weakens with distance; air is much more difficult to control.

Strength: 3

Speed: 15

Soul: 50

Stamina: 72

Ki: 27

Magic: 85

Durability: 4

Natural ability: 72
Special Techniques:
Wind Thrust – Gusts of wind can push/pull enemies away or into range.
Wind Cutter – Gusts of wind become sharp enough to slice through clothing/light armor. Less effective against alloy; more effective if critical points (joints/soft spots) are hit.
Earth Spikes – Columns of Earth shoot up and tip over/impale enemies on jagged edges.
Super Techniques:
Earthquake – Opens a fissure in the ground; able to shut closed and return the terrain to normal as well.
Super Forms:

In times of dire need she can communicate with the spirit of a dragon that melded with the earth. In these rare instances, she can fuse her body with the creature and control it for 7 hours. It takes a great deal of concentration and devotion and she must remain undisturbed as she meditates in order to free her mind to fuse with the dragon. Afterwards, she must rest for 72 hours before regaining consciousness and will require nourishment to recover from the ordeal.
Class: Sage.
Weapons and Precious Items: Glaeth’Vandorahrn (Vicious Tree-Bearer); Staff that increases power output by 30 points.
Phobias: Watching her people become completely annihilated.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Male.
Occupation: Elven Leader of Aenrald.
  Aware of the struggle of Aenrald since she was young, she always knew she’d become a soldier, and one day, a leader of her own battalion. Never had she guessed that she would become commander in chief. She’s made many choices that come back to haunt her, especially when she takes the initiative to seek out the families of those who’ve died to give them her sympathies.
  When she was nineteen, her home town was attacked and she witnessed firsthand the brutality of the human forces. Nothing like pulling a fifteen-inch sword out of one’s own cousin set her on the warpath faster.
  Although she was already a magical prodigy to begin with, after that incident, Corsa never took her magic more seriously and dedicated years to honing her skills and fighting abilities. By the age of twenty-seven, she was second-in-command. After the death of her predecessor, she smoothly took control as the Leader of the Elves at the age of 29, and has continued her reign since. She currently holds the second-longest record of holding the title since the 29th century; 200 years after the war began. The first being the leader after the war had started.
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Corsa Skuldnir   2013-06-29, 4:14 am

If I remember she was half Fae as well. That said, Approved.
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Corsa Skuldnir
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