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 Muiria Everae

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PostSubject: Muiria Everae   2013-06-29, 3:56 am

Character Name: Muiria Everae
Date of Birth: April 15
Alias: Etriel (Noble Elven Girl); Etriel’Shess (Lady Fae)
Apparent Age: Appears to be 15; actually 65 years old.
Origin: Aenrald
Race: Elven/Fae
Height: 5’5
Weight: 112 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:
Corsa; cousin.
Endelvin; father (deceased)
Lorelli; mother (deceased)
Elynwen; aunt.
Arkovir; uncle (deceased).
Religion: Manthor; Fae God of the Woods.
Hand-to-hand combat
Use of daggers/knives and other two-handed weapons
Acrobatics/Balance; enables her to traverse the treetops
Basic domestic skills
Survival skills
Knowledge of medicines
Potion master.
Healing abilities.
Natural enhanced hand-eye coordination
Communication with flora; she can ‘feel’ their pain when burning and happiness when the sun is out.
Enhanced senses.
Life Whisper – Binds her life force with a plant; it can be deadly. This enables even faster growth and the ability to grow larger than normal. She can spread a little bit of her life force to smaller plants to enable faster growth without putting herself in danger.
Alignment: Good.
Personality: Strict with herself as well as with others, failure is hardly an option in their circumstances. Initially unfriendly towards others due to her fear that friends she makes today will be pushing up daisies tomorrow. Although she is cold, she is rather sensitive and regards others with respect even if she doesn’t act like it. Especially gentle and kind towards children, and will usually let her guard down around them.
Influence over plant life; she can will plants to grow faster/larger and can control where/how they grow. i.e. Telling trees to grow a certain way to make natural houses.
Wind manipulation. This magic is utilized primarily for movement, although she can use it to cut.
Life Whisper, if bound to an old tree for example, can be catastrophically deadly for her if the tree were to take damage in a wildfire or were chopped down. To bind her life to an entity of that size and spiritual energy guarantees that her essence is tied to its survival. In the past, when Fae were smaller and were found abundant in the forest, it was natural for a Fae to link itself to flora and share their life with it together until the Fae naturally expired.
Plants do not have a mind of their own; they’re still vegetation and can’t ‘fight’. The limit of her ability reach is her line of sight. If she can’t see it, she can’t make a connection and tell it to grow. Though, if the plant is poisonous, she can tell it to release its toxin if nearby.
Wind magic can be manipulated as far as she can see, though with distance her power wanes. She can use it as a weapon up to 100 yards away.
Healing depends on the severity of the wound. Small cuts or bruising take a matter of seconds. Larger cuts or internal bleeding take about an hour. Severe wounds require hours of focus and, at times, will be transferred to the healer as she binds her life and magic to the healed. If unchecked, she can accidentally transfer the entire injury into her body and completely heal her patient.

Severed limbs cannot be regenerated. The dead cannot be resurrected.
Depending on whether medicine is available, the process can be sped up or healing is more effective.

Strength: 1

Speed: 18

Soul: 48

Stamina: 17

Ki: 20

Magic: 65

Durability: 3

Natural ability: 64
Special Techniques:
Wind Thrust – Gust of wind can pull/push enemies into range
Wind Cutter – Gusts of wind sharp enough to slice
Wind Boost – A gust of wind rises up around her to shoot her up into the sky. She can grab onto tree branches or, with more focus, she can utilize the wind to allow her to hover and, at times, glide in her descent.
Super Techniques:
Tornado – Conjures enough Wind to form a tornado. Can be controlled with complete/unbroken concentration. Once focus has been lost, if the tornado is too big, it can fly off the handle and wreak havoc on anything in its path.
Super Forms:

When under an enormous amount of stress, her Elven blood ignites the old Fae gene of sprouting wings. In this form, her body is whole once more and becomes even lighter. These wings are capable of flight. The duration can last anywhere from two hours to weeks on end. It either ends when she is stressed again and her body reverts to normal, she will require rest, or when she is very calm or in a meditative state.
Class: Adept Healer
Weapons and Precious Items: N/A
Phobias: Those she knew today will be long gone tomorrow.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Males.
Occupation: Medicine Maker/Healer
  When she was twelve, her home village was raided by human soldiers looking to ransack the place for extra supplies and valuables. In the frenzy, she had been caught and stabbed through the gut. Her attacker left his sword buried into the trunk of the tree and watched as her weight slowly began splitting her in two as she struggled until, by some miracle, Corsa found and rescued her. After beheading the man by his own blade and fleeing their village, Corsa took her far away to another Elven city. Since then, the two have been nearly inseparable and Muiria has always been at her cousin's side through thick and thin.
  As Corsa dedicated life to her studies and fighting, Muiria also followed her example and quickly went up the ranks among the Healers. Being Fae, healing was imbued in her blood and she is the first person Corsa seeks after battle; the only Fae she trusts to tend to her every need.

  Half Fae, half Elf, she had expected that she would be the first of many to bridge the two races. While they did live in harmony, the intent was to bring them even closer together to possibly merge into a new race altogether. After the incident however, she discovered that she could no longer bear children and was devastated. Not only robbed of the joys of motherhood, but also robbing the future of Fae and Elven-kind. Taking this to heart, Muiria is gentle with children and harsh toward those who take theirs for granted.
Status: Alive or dead, for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Muiria Everae   2013-06-29, 4:17 am

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Muiria Everae
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