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 Lt Daniel Boyd

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PostSubject: Lt Daniel Boyd   2013-06-29, 4:10 pm

Character Name: Lt Daniel Boyd
Date Of Birth: 07/12
Alias: Danny Boy
Apparent Age: 28
Origin: London, England.
Race: Human.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Gender: Male.
Physical Description: As a youth, Daniel had an unruly mop of red hair and a spattering of freckles.  The freckles faded with age, and the unruly mop has become a high-and-tight cut.  As with many Middle East veterans, he has taken to wearing a shemagh, a style of scarf worn around the neck or over the face.  More then just for his name, it's his bright blue eyes that helped him end up with the nickname of Danny Boy.  
Known Relatives: Father, deceased, mother alive and retired to the suburbs of London.
Religion: Casually Catholic.
Skills: Military Theory, Modern Military Ethics, and Military History degrees.  Speaks French and German fluently.  Qualified with a variety of infantry small-arms and support weapons.  Fieldcraft and wilderness survival training.  Urban and Wilderness combat theory and training.
Alignment: Good.
Personality: Queen and Country.  First and foremost, Lt Boyd is a British soldier, and as such, makes a point of displaying professionalism, dry humour, and the classic British 'stiff upper lip' approach to danger, and life in general.  Calm and unflapable, usually with a dry, witty quip when the goings get tough.
Class:  Earth soldier.
Weapons and Precious Items: 

7.62mm assault rifle.
Sexual Preferences: Female.
Occupation: British Soldier, currently serving as a military liaison/exchange officer.
History: Daniel spent four years in university, getting degrees in history and social sciences, before joining the British armed forces as an infantry officer.  He has seen service in Africa and the Middle East during his first years of military service, and rose to join the SAS, where he has served for the past few years.

In light of the prospect of the upcoming operations on Aenerald, two dozen officers and NCMs were selected for training to serve along side foreign militarys, to help prevent the sparks and accidents that are usually found in such joint operations.
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Lt Daniel Boyd   2013-06-29, 4:17 pm

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Lt Daniel Boyd
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