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 James Atelier

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PostSubject: James Atelier   2013-06-30, 11:26 pm

Character Name: James Atelier
Date of Birth: July 26
Alias: N/A
Age: 23
Origin: Aenrald
Race: Human
Height: 6’2
Weight: 157 lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Known Relatives: Annette Atelier; sister.
Religion: N/A
Mechanical engineer
Weapon designer
Driver (of many mechanisms)
Favors hand held guns/revolvers/pistols
Natural mathematic efficiency
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: He is a serious man with a lot on his mind; can usually be found in the workshop or his study. A diligent worker and will stick with a project until its completion. He’s aware of his sister’s desire to coexist with the other races but often ignores it, as long as she doesn’t take it out of hand.
Class: Mechanic
Weapons and Precious Items: Custom made pistol from his father and a utility knife with Elven hand carving in the handle from his mother.
Phobias: Losing his sister; losing everything he knows.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Females.
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
  He was a little older than Annette, so he remembers the day that they received word of their parent’s deaths better than she did. Their mother died first, though in his opinion she brought it upon herself. She left them to join a peace movement that had been backed by the government. When she was on the field, she was caught in the crossfire; apparently, the movement was a ploy to flush out the remaining Elven villages in the vicinity once the activists convinced them that they were safe. His father, already emotionally strained after his wife abandoned them then died, committed suicide only a few years later. He couldn’t handle supporting two children on his own and working at one of the nefarious non-human farming facilities. After many years there, he finally couldn’t handle harming creatures that looked almost as human as he was.
  James grew up in the orphanage with his sister but because of their opposite personalities, most foster parents couldn’t handle the two of them. He was always brooding and moody; his sister constantly ran about and found her way into trouble. When he was about nine years old, James decided to remove their names from the adoption roster and instead chose to pursue an apprenticeship for the duration of their time at the orphanage. He found a trade for himself and his sister and insisted that they pursue areas of interest in order to support themselves. They worked together and went through hardships together until he secured a career with the military; he planned and constructed various weapons and ships, they guaranteed a comfortable life for him and his surviving family. He took it without a second thought.
  Although he’s aware of his sister’s desire to ‘follow in their mother’s footsteps’ he tends to turn a blind eye. Society treats those who wish to coexist with disdain and willfully encourages the death penalty for the rebels who actively fight against the government in secret. If she wasn’t his flesh and blood, James would have handed Annette over on a silver platter. Though, if he does hear of her plans, he does put an end to it for both of their sakes. If his superiors ever got wind that he was affiliated with the rebel by being related to one, the consequences would be severe.
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: James Atelier   2013-07-01, 12:13 am

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James Atelier
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