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 Soresta Rathla

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PostSubject: Soresta Rathla   2013-07-01, 10:39 pm

Character Name: Soresta Rathla
Date of Birth: May 8th
Alias: The Blood-Bound Healer; Grand Master Healer
Apparent Age: Appears to be in her early 20s; 139 years old
Origin: Aenrald
Race: Fae
Height: 5’3
Weight: 112 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives: N/A
Religion: Manthor; Fae God of the Woods. Ruar; Fae God of the Stars. Quira; Fae and Elven Goddess of Vows/Binding.
Basic domestic skills
Survival skills
First-aid skills
Fast Regenerative capabilities
Toxin/Disease resistant
Enhanced senses.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Personality: Well-mannered and soft spoken, she is considered the wisest of the fae. Her ability to heal even the deadliest of injuries has granted her the title of Grand master Healer. This title carries a tremendous amount of strain and she is often a lot more tired than she lets others believe. Although she is physically weaker than leaders of the other races, she has a strong will and determination to fulfill her duties and lead her people. Because of her value to the Fae however, she is often rushed away as soon as a battle situation commences, despite her desire to stay and help in any way she can. This is one of the many reasons she feels that she’s looked down upon by other leaders and feels that she must work harder and compensate for her inability to fight like the rest of them.
Regenerative capabilities – Her cells multiply fast enough to replenish blood and regrow organs and limbs at a rapid pace.
Healing – Able to transfer her ability to regenerate to others.
Regeneration – Blood/skin takes a matter of seconds; organs/bone (breaks, splints, and cracks) take up to a few hours, depending on how badly she’s damaged; limbs take a minimum of a week to regenerate.

Healing – Works at a different rate because she’s sharing her magic with another person. Blood and skin tissue takes a few minutes, depending on the injury. Organs/bone take a few minutes because she’s transferring her own, healthy, cells to the ailing person. Limbs take a few weeks; sometimes cannot regenerate. The process is very fatiguing and, if not monitored, she can put herself into a coma if she heals too many people or serious injuries.

Toxin/Disease resistant – She is resistant to toxins and because of her natural healing capabilities, she can’t catch disease. However, if healing a sick person, she will take the illness into her body and completely out of the patient. Her body then breaks down the sickness, however while doing so, if it’s a cancer or leads to death, she will continue to suffer symptoms of illness or discomfort until her body cleanses itself. All stats are cut in half and she will most likely be ordered to bed rest until full recovery.
Bodily tissues/fluids removed from her body will not function outside of the body. They must be shared with another person or transferred immediately.

Strength: 1

Speed: 12

Soul: 99

Stamina: 3

Magic: 100

Durability: 5

Natural ability: 100
Special Techniques:
Mass Healing – Able to heal up to 20 people at a time (surface injuries), 10 people (deep wounds, internal bleeding, cracked bones)
Blood-Bonding – When healing people with serious injuries, she infuses her blood with theirs while taking some of their blood as well. This circulation enables the blood’s healing properties to speed up because it now comes from two sources.
Super Techniques:
Near-Death Experience – A technique that has a 50/50 chance of succeeding. When dealing with a critical injury, even if she should die, she will retain consciousness for up to 12 hours even though her body will shut down. Sort of like a ‘rebooting’ phase, she can continue to give orders and talk as though she was conscious, but this is her body’s final way of attempting to survive. It enables her to give closure and make decisions should she indeed perish. If she does live, it takes 100 years to be able to use this technique again. If she sustains another critical injury that she should die from, before 100 years, she won’t survive. Centuries do not stack. 1 time use every 100 years.
Super Forms:

Can communicate with the long lost spirit of the Unicorn. Only after complete purification under the light of the full moon is when this phantom appears to Soresta. He can completely heal her body and soul and allows her to share his abilities and take this form. This comes at a price in the form of tribute; she must give him one maiden who will devote her life to preserving his shrine. Though the Fae in general find this a meager price to pay, Soresta feels it is unfair to ask a young woman to do such a thing. Though she has yet to invoke the spirit of the Unicorn, she pays him homage on a regular basis and keeps him company, hoping that this will appease him when the time comes that she must request use of his power.
When in this form, all stats are times 100. Form lasts until the New Moon unless she reverts back to normal. Once back to normal, she must wait until another Full Moon in order to repeat this process. More tribute must be paid.
Class: Grand Master Healer
Weapons and Precious Items: A silver necklace laced with small pearls and a piece of the Unicorn's horn suspended in crystalline form. This has been passed down in her family for generations as soon as a child is born with inherent healing ability to ensure communication with the creature. Despite her tutor's insistence, Soresta suspects that this is actually what the unicorn is after, not a maiden for tribute.
Phobias: Extermination of all non-human races and desecration of Aenrald.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Male.
Occupation: Fae leader of Aenrald.
  Unlike the other leaders, whose positions were determined by rank or fighting for their title, she was born and raised into her role. As soon as she was born, she was removed from her village and taken far away and began her training in isolation. With few other Fae around, her social skills were weak, at best. As she grew into adulthood, her training eventually enabled her to reconvene with society so that she could form bonds with her people. Always guarded by soldiers and surrounded by fae-maidens to be at her beck and call, Soresta is sometimes only viewed as a figurehead; not a leader. Lacking in both physique and external magical ability, she has few chances to prove her worth as a leader.

  In most cases, her people will protect her and take her far away from the battlefield to ensure her safety. The main concern is that if she's taken prisoner by the humans, they will use her as they do in the farms; only, with her healing, she has potentially an unlimited amount of tissue she can 'donate'.
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Soresta Rathla   2013-07-01, 10:57 pm

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Soresta Rathla
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