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 David Brenner

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PostSubject: David Brenner   2013-07-07, 5:31 pm

Character Name: David Brenner
Date Of Birth: 10/17
Apparent Age: 29, looks older.
Origin: Orbital Colony 7, Patria
Race: Patrian.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lb
Gender: Male.
Physical Description: 

David seems aged beyond his years, the result of his years of service during the war.  His hair has turned stark white, and gone are any trace of laugh-lines, replaced with the wrinkles of life facing the horrors of war.  His eyes haven't the haunted look one might expect, instead seeming too far gone to experience so strong an emotion.
Known Relatives: Parents, siblings deceased.
Religion: None.
Skills: A wide array of combat related skills. Demolitions/explosive breaching, zero-g combat operations and boarding, mechanical/technical breaching of doors, hostile-environment survival skills, urban combat training, etc.
Alignment: Good.
Personality: David is a quiet, determined man.  Like many Patrians, there is no room in his life for doubt and indecision.  He is quick to act without seeming impulsive.  He is not known for being particularly talkative, but would not shy away from social situations, so long as they weren't too crowded a venue.
Class: Soldier, Patrian military.
Weapons and Precious Items: 
VA-6 Carbine

A late-war invention, the VA-6 Carbine is an infantry-portable laser rifle. The energy pack is mounted towards the rear of the weapon, in the butt, allowing for an easily managed center of balance (the heavy weight of the battery helps counter weight of the forward portion of the rifle).
Illnesses: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Sexual Preferences: Female.
Occupation: Patrian Military, on extended leave.
David's service during the war was beyond exemplary, and somewhere he owns a box full of medals.  It wasn't until the war ended that the stress of it all seemed to finally keep up with him. Like many of the marines, they busied themselves with the task at hand, and the constant tempo of the war meant they had little time to deal with the things they had seen.  Memories, anger, fear, all was buried away in a little box in the back of the mind, to be dealt with later, but that later just never seemed to come.  In the months following the Pyrrhic victory over Patria, suicides and violent acts became startlingly more common, and the Patrian people were hard pressed to rebuild, let alone to tend to the mentally wounded.

Thousands of troops were transferred to facilities under the care of allied races, where the worst cases could receive the help they needed, while the Patrian military council tried to find a stop-gap to help hold their people together.  David was transferred on 'extended leave' to Alus, and after twelve months had finally been deemed fit enough to make forays into the world alone.

Tour of Duty: 
Operation Broadsword: 07/19/2242 Colony and research facility on Ignis 2, a small volcanic moon of the gas giant Ferrum, the largest planetoid in the system and one of the furthest from the sun, went quiet. Final transmissions indicated a machine fleet vessel had entered orbit. Three passive-stealth system defence ships managed to sneak into orbit and drop six teams of marines to investigate and rescue high-priority targets. 7 of the sixty marines made it to the extraction point. First recorded incident of the machines taking people alive.

Operation Tenent: 21/01/2243 Second major fleet engagement, in orbit of Tetra, a Mars-like planet that had seen highly succesful terraforming efforts in recent decades. The colonies were expected to be able to collapse their domes no later then 2245. Initial engagement went well, but the leviathan mothership and her heavy escorts entered the fray on 22/01/2243. The Patrian fleet was ripped apart in short order. Ground invasion began on 23/01/2243. The planet was deemed untenable on 07/03/2243, and all remaining military assets were extracted. Approximately 700,000,000 colonists presumed lost after mass evacuation efforts were deemed too costly.

Operation Obsidione: 12/04/2244 Fleet base at the Petra Lumbare astroid belt, mid-way through the solar system. Dozens of space stations and bases built on or in large astroids. The bulk of the machine forces were tied up with mining and terraforming operations on the outlying planets they had already captured. The battle here lasted from 12/04/2244 to 02/01/2245 on and off, with near constant minor incursions. Some marines saw near constant combat during this time, hunting and engaging infiltrator units that had been seeded throughout the belt, meant to find and silence the outlying defensive structures of the fleet base. The final engagement saw the first 'victory' of the Patrian forces, when they detonated dozens of high-yield dirty bombs throughout the astroid belt, destroying dozens of heavy machine ships and nearly a hundred of their smaller escorts.

Infernus Colony Evacuations: 15/01/2245 Volcanic moon orbiting a gas giant, the colony here housed 300,000 colonists.  Machine fleet succeeded at deploying a nano-weapon into the colony, killing thousands of colonists by breaking them down to their base elements, forming a 'grey goo' that could later be harvested for resources.  Approximately 70,000 colonists were successfully evacuated.  Marine power armor proves resistant against the nano-weapon, which was programmed to target organic material.

Glacies Colony Evacuations:  12/02/2245  Frozen moon of the same gas giant.  These colonies housed over 5 million colonists.  Machine fleet again deployed the nano-weapon in three of the seven main colony domes, but the deployment of powerful EMP weapons disabled the nano-weapons.  3.7 million colonists successfully evacuated.

Tellure Ratem Refugee Ship:  03/03/2245  A re-purposed colony ship housing some 2 million refugees from the Glacies and Infernus Colonies, bound deeper into Patrian-held space on sub-light engines.  Machine fleet scout ships found the colony ship and three succeeded at evading the escort ships and crash themselves into the hull of the Tellure Ratem.  'Burrowers' are deployed into the colony ship, parasitic machines that would burrow into a host and attach itself to the spine, hijacking internal organs and motor control.  Earlier designs of these machines had been seen before, but with recent upgrades allowed the Burrower to keep the host alive and conscious.  Hosts of a Burrower were able to control the movement of their head and vocals, and would scream and beg to be saved while the Burrower put the body to the task of harvesting other refugees.  Barely 30,000 refugees are rescued before the Tellure Ratem was destroyed.

Operation Iustitiæ: 8/8/2246 Using the same stealth ship as was employed in the highly successful Operation Perrepat, marines manage to infiltrate and destroy a newly constructed machine-fleet manufacturing station, stalling their ability to replace warships destroyed in the closing moves of Operation Obsidione.  Of 100 marines deployed, 6 survive.

Operation Tandem Stet: 14/11/2247 The final major battle of the war, in orbit of Patria itself. Additional warships inspired by machine fleet, some unfinished, were commited to the battle. This time, when the machine fleet mothership arrived, the Patrian fleet was ready. Dozens of teams of marines were succesful at boarding the massive factoryship, delivering high-yield nuclear warheads deep into the heart of the massive vessel. Few of the nearly five hundred marines made it out alive before the weapons were detonated. The aftermath of the battle saw the planet of Patria destroyed anew, as fallout from debris and weapons struck the planet, destroying the delicate ecosystem once and for all.
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: David Brenner   2013-07-07, 11:36 pm

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David Brenner
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