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 Emanulle Santos

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Emanulle Santos   2010-09-21, 2:02 pm

Character Name: Emanulle Santos

Alias: "Manny" or "Em"

Apparent Age: 23

Origin: Halzara

Height: 6'1

Weight: 211

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Emanulle
looks completely human and could pass for one unless one has other
abilties. He has a nice toned build to him. Long black hair and eyes
though they turn red when angry. His clothing consist of dark trenchcoat
or just dark clothing in general.

Known Relatives: Orian Santos-Father

Terra Santos-Aunt

Race: Apocalypse Demon

Religion: None

Skills: Various Martial Arts skills. Basic skills. Large amounts of knowledge history and lore.

Abilities: Heightened senses. Night vision. Combat instincts. Flight on wings(When transformed)

Alignment: Netural Good

Very calm, straight foward and frank. Some people are intimidated by
him, but he's a decent fellow once one gets to know him.

Super strength, speed, endurance, and stanima.. Can use red-demonic
energy that comes from his body natrurally in attacks(like beams and
such) Quick self-recovery. Demonic transformation, simply put he gets a
stat upgrade.

Restrictions: Sonic and Solar. Can't lift more then 9 and half tons. Normal blows, and knifes don't hurt him. His speed/reflexes in normal form are that of a low-level bullet-timer Gun's
Can hurt him though they have to be higher-powered then a pistol. His demonic energy drains his strength, making him weaker and uncharged about as strong as a standard grenade. Quick recovery just means even ifhe wore to get badly beaten up a fight to were he was pretty much crippled, he can be back up with in a matter of days. In his demonc
transformation his stats double, but only for a very short time before he has to go back to normal. Only has flight as long as he's transforrmed.

Weapons and Precious Items: None, besides his mothers necklace which he keeps hidden.

Phobias: Something happening to his loved ones.

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preferences: Straight

Occupation: Prince

History: Emanullehad just about everything anyone could ever want except for one thing:
happiness. While he did have a rather a privileged life-style, he wasn'tcompletely happy. It was only when he came to the earth realm to continue his training for future king did he slowly let his heart slowly open back up again due to recent events.

The only question now remains is, when he is done, will he really want go back to that life style?

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Sion Reaver

Posts : 7335
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PostSubject: Re: Emanulle Santos   2010-09-21, 2:04 pm

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Emanulle Santos
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