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 Nin ~ God of Shadow

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PostSubject: Nin ~ God of Shadow   2013-10-04, 3:36 am

Character Name: Nin
Alias: Shadow Lord, Momo
Apparent Age: 28
Origin: Earth (x82 Timeline)
Gender: Male
Race: Demigod
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 170 lbs
Physical Description: His skin tone is deep black due to what he has become. His eyes are light yellow; his short hair and peach-fuzz goatee are both a natural black, though the lower half of his face is usually covered by the folds of his scarf and he typically wears shades while outdoors. Two ends of a long, flowing white scarf trail down his back from his shoulders. His ninja-gi is black and loosely form-fitting, only slightly hiding his thin, muscular frame.
Known Relatives: None. All deceased, anyway.
Skills: Advanced domestic skills, advanced dancer, hand-to-hand combat mastery, melee/ranged weapon mastery, mixed-style martial arts master, Z-Fighter skills. Able to operate most motor/interplanetary vehicles, able to play all well-known musical instruments.
Abilities: Godly senses, Regeneration, Darkvision, Absolute Stealth
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Nin has a bit of a pretending nature. Despite his power, he’ll often adopt the façade of a weak traveler. When faced with conflict, Nin shies away from the event or solves it with minimal altercation in a way that doesn’t betray his strength. He has a silly outward nature and appears to never take others seriously. An insatiable wanderlust causes him to pop up in various places around the world he inhabits for the sake of curious exploration. Those who pay close attention to his words will notice that he never tells lies. He may resort to 'technical truths' or omitting facts when faced with questions he doesn't wish to answer.

Despite his talent for combat, Nin disfavors fighting to a great degree. He’ll usually dodge insults and blows alike when confronted and attempt to avoid actually fighting back. Nin only fights when it is absolutely necessary, or if he’s set his mind to a task.
Powers: Shadow Domain (planetary), Luck Influence, Life-Force Manipulation, Immortality (Type B)
Nin’s mastery over Shadow Magic has excelled to a godly level. Not only are shadows his primary form of energy usage, but he possesses full control over them within a certain range. He can detect the presence and identity of others by their shadows, and can even move through shadows at will.
Nin is a true master of stealth. His movements virtually do not make any noise and his presence is nearly completely untraceable. He cannot be detected by scrying effects or other vision-based extrasensory effects unless he is fighting, allowing himself to be seen, or the target of a deity’s detection ability.
Thanks to his brief banishment to the Far Realm a portion of Nin’s soul has become incurably twisted. As such, his skin color has darkened beyond natural pigment to an almost ‘coal black’. He also bears a degree of weakness toward holy or pure attacks. The inverse is also true: his attacks are quite effective against divine effects, attacks, barriers, etc.
As punishment for his actions long ago, Nin bears a curse upon his soul. It cannot be lifted, altered or tampered with in any way. This curse prevents Nin from freely killing women, or any creature whose genetic sex is female by majority. The curse applies to animals and humanoid creatures of all races. Nin must willingly attack and kill a female for the curse to take effect. When the curse activates, all of Nin’s stats drop to ‘1’ and Nin loses access to all of his powers/abilities. This punishment lasts for 24 hours. The conditions of death still apply normally.
When Nin’s body is destroyed or ‘killed’, his soul is returned to an obsidian phylactery that resides within a pocket realm of his own creation. Recovery time will vary depending on his remaining life-force. This charm cannot be destroyed, nor can it fully protect Nin’s soul during recovery. If Nin’s life-force is forcefully depleted while attempting to recover, he will truly die.
Strength: 2000
Speed: 3500
Soul: 3000
Stamina: ---
Durability: 2000
Life-Force: 3000
Special Techniques:
Empower Body: Nin strengthens his body with his own life-force energy. Allows the ability of flight without the need for wings.
Shadow Magic: A general term for Nin’s use of Shadow Manipulation. This ranges from him moving shadows within range, extending attacks or barriers, and other basic uses. This technique is almost always in effect, as Nin uses it to extend his scarf for myriad uses. Whilst wearing his ‘Foulspawn Armor’, Nin’s shadow magic has a reddish tint.
Dark Plane: Nin maneuvers himself, other persons, or objects through shadows under his control. Essentially, he creates a portal with shadows. Often used to teleport himself or relocate attacks. Can be used to traverse long distances and even worlds with greater levels of concentration.
Shadow Clone: Nin creates a perfect clone of himself made from shadows. Each of the clone’s senses are shared with other clones and the original (optionally), and can be maintained over extreme distances. Clones can use Special Techniques, but cannot enter Super Forms unless the original has done so himself.
Cure: Nin passes his energy through a target to cancel out any curses, seals or negative effects imposed by outer influences. Can be used on himself (does not affect Oath of Chivalry).
Super Techniques:
Shadow Blight: Nin focuses his energy into a seal and strikes his intended target. A blackened sigil appears on the target at the point of impact, afflicting them with a ‘Shadow Blight Curse Seal’. While this seal is active, Nin can detect the bearer’s whereabouts at any time, so long as they have not traversed planes of reality or time. If the seal bearer can create clones or copies of him/herself, the seal remains active and visible on the original. Nin is able to slowly sap strength from the target, temporarily draining their Natural Energy stat. Inversely, Nin can impart some of his own energy into the target to heal or empower them. He can also send any of his three ‘Luck Weapons’ to the target at will. This seal dissipates if Nin or the target dies, when Nin releases the seal, or when Nin uses this technique on another being. Only one seal may exist at any given time. Whilst wearing his ‘Dark Spawn Armor’, he can attack the seal bearer with his/her own shadow at will and the rate of energy drain increases.
Invitation to Madness: Nin grabs his foe and tears open a portal to the Far Realm behind them before tossing the victim through. There the target will remain for five seconds before they are returned to their original plane and the portal closes. While in the Far Realm the target sustains countless physical injuries and, if their Soul stat is low enough, may go temporarily insane. This technique is only usable when Nin is wearing the ‘Foulspawn Armor’.
Ruination: A torrential beam of a dark, negative mass that shreds through foes and objects alike. Can be expelled from Nin’s body or a shadow portal (within close range). Extremely powerful, but taxing. Whilst wearing his ‘Foulspawn Armor’, this attack substantially increases in size and power.
Super Forms:
Darkspawn Armor Nin veils himself in shadow energy, distorting his clothing to create a black armor of immense power. His Speed and Soul stats increase considerably, and the use of Shadow Magic abilities comes at much greater ease.
Foulspawn Armor: Nin veils himself in the twisted energy he developed within the Far Realm. Reality and light alike seem to bend and distort around this form. Nin’s voice is heard telepathically in this form, but has a twisted and horrific tone. His Strength and Durability stats increase considerably, and Shadow Magic abilities cause much greater damage. Nin cannot use defensive abilities in this state, nor can he stop his attacks from harming allies.
Shadow Lord: Nin releases his full power and becomes a being of pure shadow. His features dissolve to leave a blank face of pure black, only broken by the eerie yellow of his eyes. Wisps of shadow constantly flow from his form in various places and the light in the area seems to fall prey to the darkness that surrounds him. His body will bend, deform and re-size as he moves about and attacks. The two ends of his scarf extend and form shadowy claws. Nin’s voice is heard telepathically in this form. All of his stats are boosted dramatically.
Weapons and Precious Items:
Karma: A magical, shifting sword that appears as a katana whilst in Nin’s possession. When wielded by another person, its form and power will change to best suit the wielder based on their alignment and willpower respectively (lasts until Nin recalls the weapon). A mystic item that represents ‘Intrinsic Luck’.
Windfall: A large, tri-tipped shuriken. It is able to grow or shrink in size, as well as be affected by its wielder’s abilities. Unfortunately this weapon appears to have a mind of its own, especially when used by someone other than Nin. Fluke is as powerful as it is unpredictable. A mystic item that represents ‘Circumstantial Luck’.
Fortune: A seemingly wooden yumi bow set. This weapon randomly reacts to any of the wielder’s stats and changes its arrows’ effects accordingly. When wielded by Nin, its shots are fired silently. A mystic item that represents ‘Blind Luck’.
Phobias: None
Illnesses: Oath of Chivalry, Far Realm Taint
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation: God of Shadows
History: Nin was born in an ordinary ninja clan on his homeworld. A series of unfortunate, yet fated events led to his peoples' annihilation and set him on a long journey that would span across worlds, dimensions and time itself. At his journey's end, he was given a choice: Be corrupted or die. In choosing the latter, he was still able to complete his mission of protecting a world. His soul ascended under the direction of the deity he followed: Avandra, the Goddess of Fortune.

Through centuries and millennia of being her follower, Nin gained greater power than he could have imagined and was able to aid quite a few worlds in maintaining balance. All the work of the Gods on their homefront was to be for naught, unfortunately. Their world was on the verge of collapse. A torrential and horrendous plane of reality known as the Far Realm had begun to expand and increase in influence over the normal plane. This hellish reality threatened to rip their own to shreds, quite literally, and the Gods were powerless to stop it. At the time, anyway... In the war's aftermath, Nin was left to survive on his own.

After a harrowing 24-hour stint in the Far Realm, Nin escaped his fate to observe and aid in the rescue of his world. With his job in that realm finished he left. Today, Nin roams various realms and worlds in the name of exploration.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Nin ~ God of Shadow   2013-10-04, 3:42 am

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Nin ~ God of Shadow
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