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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Blossom   2013-10-05, 1:58 am

Character Name: Blossom Utonium
Date Of Birth: 3/6
Alias: N/A
Apparent Age: 18
Origin: City of townsville
Race: It's hard to classify her, she could be considered more along the lines of a mutant, or artificially created and enhanced human.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 130
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:

Bubbles-Younger Sister

Buttercup-Middle Sister

Professeor  Utonium
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. High school educated. Mixed martial arts.
Abilities: Enhanced senses.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Generally a calm, mild mannered with a happy attitude normally. She's positive and has a 'go get them' attitude, refusing to give up even when things are hard. However, she's a clean freak and a perfectionist at times. This leads her to worry and stress over things that aren't as important at times.
Powers: Super Human stats and flight. Ice breath.
Restrictions: For stats, see stats. Flight slowly drains on energy. Her ice breath attack range(area of effect, power and the like) is based on her natural ability score. It also takes a lot out of her with over use.
Strength: 60

Speed: 50

Durability: 40

Soul: 40

Stamina: 40

Natural ability: 50
Weapons and Precious Items: n/a
Phobias: Being alone
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Super hero/student

Blossom's normal history is a bit on the long side of things. She and her sisters were created in a lab experiment on accident with something called 'Chemical X' that gave them very strong superhuman powers. Though they lived ordinary lives(the best they could at any rate) they also used their powers to keep the various criminals and super villains in check.

Later on when they moved to Tremorton, where they met the local super hero Jenny Wakeman who was like them artificially made, but in her case a android. During their time there, a incident occurred which created a vortex which tossed Blossom and the others to this world. They've been adjusting to it ever since.
Status: Alive

"It's often the ones close to us that we remember in the end of our days. Choose your friends and allies wisely."

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PostSubject: Re: Blossom   2013-10-05, 2:02 am

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