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 Kimiko Shizu

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PostSubject: Kimiko Shizu   2013-10-11, 12:16 am

Character Name: Kimiko Shizu
Apparent Age: 17
Origin: Hokkaido, Japan
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Ralphim (SEALED)
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 128lbs
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:
Father: Ikemoto Shizu ~ Deceased
Mother: Yukimi Shizu ~ Deceased
Skills: Basic domestic skills, Munitions expert (all firearms, dual), trained in mobile and mounted combat, able to play the piano, able to drive cars and motorcycles.
Abilities: Perceive, Enhanced senses (Sight, Hearing)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Kimiko bears a somewhat reserved personality; on the surface, anyway. Her quiet voice and plain disposition often give her the impression that she is a shy person, which is true to a certain degree. She’s quite playful around people she is comfortable with. Kimiko is just a quiet person. While she prefers to fight in self-defense, she isn’t afraid to pull the trigger if it is necessary.
She seems to have developed a strong infatuation for cake. Cats, too.
Powers: Ki Manipulation
Restrictions: Kimiko’s physical speed is enhanced by her Ki. She isn’t particularly quick physically (getting from point A to point B) but her reflexes are incredibly sharp. She can react quickly enough to avoid gunfire, but only if she moves before the shot itself (able to guesstimate its trajectory).
Kimiko’s ‘Perceive’ ability allows her to “feel” nearby threats imposed upon herself or her friends. She can sense when someone around her is about to be attacked, herself included. Unable to detect energy herself, she can still pick up on how hostile or dangerous a person is by watching them.
Each of Kimiko’s ‘Visor Tech’ abilities can only be used with her visor, of course. The power cells of the headset are very long-lasting, and the material is durable.
Strength: 0
Speed: 1
Soul: 10
Stamina: 1
Durability: 1
Ki: 15
Special Techniques:
Quick Dash: Kimiko boosts her speed to vanish from her position and reappear somewhere nearby. This technique is not limited to movement; Kimiko could also use this ability to swiftly swap weapons, fire in quick succession, etc. The cool down is ten seconds.
Visor Tech ~ Target: One of the programs in Kimiko’s headset. Allows her to lock onto a target’s energy signature, visuals, etc. She can designate one target to track. So long as the target remains within a moderate distance to her, she can discern the target’s current position at-will.
Visor Tech ~ Visibility: One of the programs in Kimiko’s headset. Allows for multiple changes in ocular settings. Each setting is individual from the other, requiring a change in vision type to view them respectively. Vision settings include thermal, electromagnetic, night, light and normal.
Visor Tech ~ Analyze: One of the programs in Kimiko’s headset. Allows her to identify the weak points and threatening reach of foes.
Super Techniques:
All Super Techniques are currently -SEALED-
Weapons and Precious Items: Kimiko has a head-visor that greatly aids her in combat situations. She is almost always wearing it.
Phobias: Being controlled again
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Occupation: High School Student
History: Kimiko hasn’t had much stability in her life, though she doesn’t particularly mind it. Her father died before she was born; killed in the line of duty. Her mother died of an illness when she was three, leaving Kimiko in the care of a foster family as no immediate family could be found for her. Her memories of her family are damaged, spotty at best due to her mind’s forced conditioning. She was saved from being a puppet, thankfully, but has little memory of events that transpired before her imprisonment.
Socially, she doesn’t really stand out. Not until she meets the right friends, that is. Her main hobby, and outlet, is to spend time in front of the piano.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Kimiko Shizu   2013-10-11, 12:21 am

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Kimiko Shizu
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