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 Sayaka Tsukino

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PostSubject: Sayaka Tsukino   2013-10-11, 12:29 am

Character Name: Sayaka Tsukino
Alias: Saya-Suki
Apparent Age: 19
Origin: Chiba, Japan
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5’7
Weight: 139 lbs
Physical Description: Sayaka tapes her breasts and wears contacts while out of costume to further distance herself from her idol persona (beyond acting differently).
In Costume:
Out of Costume:
Known Relatives:
Father: Kabuto Tsukino ~ Alive
Mother: Maaya Tsukino ~ Alive
Skills: High domestic skills, dancing skill, expert singing skill, pitch perfect, moderate karate skill, able to speak/read English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, able to drive cars.
Abilities: Eidetic Memory (Sounds)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Sayaka is an ever-cheerful young woman with quite the energy reserve. She’s always looking to have fun, a trait that can cause her to be mischievous at times. She isn’t as shy as normal girls and loves to show it. Despite her managers’ appeals to stop, she frequently disappears from her idol group during down time to visit places of interest and sentiment. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if she didn’t do so alone and without supervision.
Sayaka also has an alternate persona she uses whenever on-stage, as requested by her managers. This personality is completely innocent, embarrasses easily and is much more reserved than the real Sayaka. She is also very bubbly and is impressed easily.
Powers: None
Restrictions: Thanks to her group’s daily training regiment, Sayaka is in rather good shape. She can run/sprint at a quick speed for a human and can do so for prolonged periods. Such is a requirement for idols who must dance and sing for hours at their concerts.
Sayaka’s eidetic memory allows her to recall any and all sounds from memory. Sights are less accurate, but she can accurately recall any conversation, song or note she’s ever heard. Thanks to her perfect pitch she can also differentiate between specific sounds, no matter the degree of their subtlety, and memorize a person’s voice.
Weapons and Precious Items: Sayaka carries a taser gun with her whenever she is not in the safe care of her bodyguards.
Phobias: None
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation: Idol – Honey Suki
“Honey Suki” Members:
Sayaka                    – Saya-Suki ~ Leader
Megumi                    – Megu-Suki
Yui                            – Yui-Suki
Haruko                     – Haru-Suki
Rei                          – Rei-Suki
History: Sayaka was born into a poor family. Her parents had little luck in obtaining stable jobs in their career paths, but did everything they could to give their daughter a good life. Sayaka took it all in stride. She never complained or wanted for anything, always thankful for the things her parents could give her instead of wishing for things they couldn’t.
There was one dream Sayaka could never shake, no matter how hard she tried to be content. She wanted so greatly to be an idol; one of those entrancing singers on the television who brought happiness to hundreds of thousands of people. Money and fame were of little use to her, she just wanted to make others happy. A few of her childhood friends shared in her sentiment. This led to Sayaka and four of her friends forming an impromptu idol group. At first, they only sang to/with one another at slumber parties or when hanging out. After gaining a little more practice, and working up the nerve to try, they began performing for their schoolmates. This led to holding actual mini-concerts at their school where, to their utter elation, they were eventually scouted by a prodigious talent company.
Five years after their debut, Honey Suki still manages to produce smashing hits, never straying far from the top of the music charts. With the money she earned from being an idol, Sayaka was able to elevate her family’s living comfort. Her parents have long since gotten their careers off the ground. Today she’s still her same old self, roaming the country to her heart’s content and working hard to make her fans happy.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Sayaka Tsukino   2013-10-11, 12:33 am


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Sayaka Tsukino
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