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 Darrien Maxford

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PostSubject: Darrien Maxford   2010-11-27, 2:00 pm

Character Name: Darrien Maxford
Alias: "Crazy Science Guy"-By Ray
"The Technomancer."
Apparent Age: 21
Origin: Alus
Race: Arlain
Height: 5'7
Weight: 121
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: Unknown
Religion: N/A
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Hacking and computer skills. Good marksmen ship. Decent hand to hand and knows how to use melee weapons. Various science and tech skills. Techomancer skills.
Abilities: A high IQ
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Darrien is a bit of an odd ball. His mind seems to work at odd ways at times. He loves science and that's pretty much exactly why he does most of his more crazy things. Unlike most people of scientific nature, he actually likes to be in the middle of conflicts. "After all, the science of violence is just another study."

He's quirky and tends to tease people, sometimes stating things in a matter-of-fact tone so those not used to him can't tell if he's joking; also has a bit of an ego. Despite his faults, he is a good guy, just a bit different.
Powers: Super human speed/reflexes. Mildly enhanced durability.
Restrictions: His speed/reflexes allow him to dodge and react to bullets. Durability is mostly blunt damage.
Weapons and Precious Items: Darrien's arsenal are things he mostly made himself or modified heavily with magic/supernatural influences to either help him in his research..or bust heads. Depending on what the case may be.

Holotop: "A notebook is too old fashioned and a normal laptop doesn't suit field work."-Darrien

The 'Holo-top' is basically a laptop that he can pull out and store in sub space with his techomancer skills. It allows him to anaylze or perform complex functions usually related to his work. It doesn't have a screen though, rather a hologram projector.

'Little Richard: "What the hell? Why can't you just have a normal weapon like a sword or something Darrien? I mean a energy bat?

"I don't see the need to conform myself. Besides, I happen to like baseball, thank you very much. That and it is harder to study specimens if they're shot or sliced to pieces."

"..Okay knew you were joking but with your straight face makes it kinda creepy."
-Ray and Darrien.

'Little Richard' is an energy bat of blue color that Darrien made as his personal melee weapon. It was named after a baseball player had taken a liking too after warming up to the earth sport 'baseball' finding it a fascinating sport. It's also theorized he made it a bat, just to annoy Ray. It also has the ability to hurt intagible things like ghost/hollows and the like thanks to being both a tech and magic item.

Utility Gauntlet: "Do you think my glasses are merely for a sense of style or sight impairment Ray?"

"..We'll, actually, yes."

"We'll, my ill-informed friend, I'm happy to say there's more to it. No need to worry, I'll teach you the basics and talk slow to you."
-Darrien and Ray.

Utility Gaunlet: It's a multi-purpose Gauntlet that has many features and can be upgraded. One of the first features is that its connected to his glasses giving him enhanced sight, thermal, night vision and even the ability to see ghost/spitual thing(he shamelessly was inspired by Ghost Busters, one of his favorite movies since coming here for the last one)

It also gives him super strength(3 tons) and a shield that can stand up heavy fire arms fire. It can be upgraded later.(All his equipment come back to him when summoned)
Phobias: Losing all his knowledge
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Free Lancer
History: Not much is known about Darrien, he goes doing whatever catches his fancy and seems to have no real ties with any organization or group. The people he works with the most is "The Order Of The Rose" simply because he has become attached to the people there. That and he finds his friends field work absolutely fascinating. When not with them, he simply wanders studying and helping people along the way.

If you heard stories of a eccentric man that seems to use an energy bat and a combination of magic and tech saving people, chances are it was him.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Darrien Maxford   2010-11-28, 1:35 am

I like this character. We all have a little eccentric techno geek in all of us. Very Happy Approved.
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Darrien Maxford
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