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The Paladin

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PostSubject: Akira   2013-10-19, 12:14 pm

Character Name: Akira 

Alias: just Akira, or The Paladin
Apparent Age: 20
Date Of Birth: September 28
Origin:Earth, somewhere in Asia, in a pocket dimension now destroyed
Race: human
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 45 kg.
Gender: Female
Physical Description: 

(pics are my originals Very Happy)

Known Relatives: Kire (surrogate sister, is actually another version of her from another dimension)
Religion: none 
Skills: just rudimentary self-defense, not having received any formal training, and depends on improvisation. 

Alignment: Good.
Personality: Sometimes feisty and rowdy, especially when excited or with people she is comfortable with, but others times mellows down and gets serious when the situation calls for it. Loyal to loved ones though embarrassed to show it.
Powers: Ability to control metal to a certain extent: able to bend it, make projectiles out of it, shield herself from it. 
She can only lift or effectively manipulate the equivalent of her weight (around 50 kilograms, give or take), but there are situations--for example, if particularly emotional or when adrenaline really kicks in big time--wherein she may be able to lift ten to twenty pounds more. This, however, also means her powers become unstable. She can stop bullets from a handgun only, and even then may only be able to deflect them without being able to control where they go. This power requires concentration for her to effectively control it; relying on a heightened or unstable emotional state, while able to accomplish more than she usually could, is ill-advised because of its unpredictability.
Weapons and Precious Items: 
She always has close to her person a special kind of metal fabricated by her sister's cousin and weapons master: she either wears it as armor or shapes it into a weapon. She can't "mold" a gun out of it yet though, only blunt or bladed weapons. The metal was specially treated to be responsive to her psychic commands and therefore does not require as much effort to manipulate as any other kind of metal. 
Her most petty phobias are cockroaches, but the most serious fears have to do with being cornered, being rendered helpless, and the possible loss of everything she holds dear, having lost her homeworld already. Being bound in any way also greatly frightens her.
While healthy, overuse of her powers leads to severe migraines. Extreme cases lead to fever or prolonged lethargy.
Sexual Preferences: She is heterosexual and therefore attracted to men.
Ex-paladin, meaning a former protector of the multiverse. 

Akira belongs to a long line of protectors called Paladin. Some say they are divinely selected by a group called the Council, made up of Paladins from times past that have transcended their physical existence. These Paladin are ordained to protect the different worlds that exist in the multiverse. They are given a ring that allows them to navigate from one world to the other, though the frequency depends on the character's energy. Aside from that, the ring has the ability to bring out latent powers, or amplify to a degree an ability or power the character already has. The ring will usually just answer to its bearer, but it is possible to override this. Being named Paladin and bestowed this ring is dificult to refuse, mostly because many see it as destiny and therefore unavoidable, while others saying that to vacate the position would lead to bigger disasters. 

While most of the time they act as most protectors do, such as keep the peace, defeat conventional "villains" and the like, sometimes a moral dilemma arises when the preservation of the multiverse could mean doing something that would otherwise be considered wrong, or inaction, such as not preventing somebody's death or a natural disaster. Paladins could be selected from a multitude of worlds; some of them are aware of their existence, and the existence of the multiverse, while in others a Paladin must tread carefully and hide this fact to prevent any catastrophic changes to that world's setup. 

Akira was born in a reality similar to ours, except that she is the only one who knows it is unstable, meaning it has the tendency to bleed/merge with other worlds. Signs appeared when she was only in her early teens that indicated she would soon be appointed Paladin. Rescued from forces that would take advantage of her or do her harm, she was brought to the home-dimension of the current paladin, Kire, an empress of a pocket dimension previously torn apart by an anomaly. Eventually she was granted the Paladin status, young as she was, and granted great power that included not just the ability to jump worlds but great physical strength and the power to call to mind any kind of combat skill. Since she was born an ordinary human, it was a mystery--much like many things about being a Paladin--why the ring was able to give her such power, but Kire believes that the ring augmented her inherent feistiness and strength of will. Akira treated her duty as a teenager would, as an endless adventure, and many times looked at even the most serious situations with levity. 

A series of disasters, however, threw a monkey wrench into her already complicated life. First, Kire disappeared, and Akira learned that she had been captured and trapped somewhere along with other versions of herself (they were alternate dimension 'copies' of one another). Secondly, the Council sent her on other Paladin errands, forbidding her to put Kire first over her duties. Disobeying the Council, she, together with Kire's lover, rescued the empress but in turn was stripped of all her powers and her rank. She now was back to being a regular human being, with no remarkable fighting skill or extraordinary ability. 

Except that she wasn't completely back to normal. Unbeknownst to her, one of her previous adventures had gotten her exposed to energies that slowly affected her already remarkable will, transforming it into a rather selective psionic ability--giving her power over any kind of metal. Frustrated at her "handicap", going back to square one in learning how to handle this new power, and worried about who would replace her, or what would happen to the multiverse in the absence of a Paladin, Akira had somewhat mellowed down, but is nevertheless looking for a way to reclaim her status. 

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Akira   2013-10-19, 12:54 pm

Approved. Welcome to the site and good to see you.

"It's often the ones close to us that we remember in the end of our days. Choose your friends and allies wisely."
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