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 Music of the Night.

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PostSubject: Music of the Night.    2013-11-03, 8:33 pm

'Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.'

- Sarah Williams, "The Old Astronomer"

Many things had occurred in such a short span of years. So much that she had never had control over. Where she grew up or the events that occurred during her stay there. Who would adopt her in her later years and where she would grow into a young lady. It was strange thinking about it now. Just how powerless she had always been but this was true for most children. No one got to decide who their parents were or how things would unfold in their life. Perhaps it was because of this sense of powerlessness throughout her childhood that brought about her love of music. To play music, to have a sense of control over something as beautiful and inspiring as a simple song. Yes, that must certainly be why she adored it, even on the worse of nights. Music had always been there for her when words would fail. Music had taught her much; to feel without feeling, to see without truly seeing. It brought her to a new level of happiness in life and she would never betray or falter from it.

It was because of this that Hikari now stood in the empty park around midnight, staring up at the vast ocean of twinkling gems embedded into the dark, rich blues and black of the sky. At her feet was a small case; a violin case with edges of fake gold. In one hand she held the neck of the violin as tenderly as one held an infant while the bottom was nestled just beneath her collarbone. Her free hand gently slid the bow across the strings, releasing a haunting melody. To others whom she had played the song to, mostly her adoptive father and a family friend, the music sounded sad and depressing. But to Hikari, the music she wrote and currently played was not meant to be sad. Nor was it meant to be happy for that matter either. Instead it was simply a song created with the intention of painting a visual picture. She had written it while out on a walk in this very same park; she titled the song Star Ocean since the stars had in fact been her inspiration at the time. And now she played it for them, hoping that some where among the frozen jewels that glittered above her, someone would appreciate the song she wrote for them.

After the song ended, Hikari lovingly placed the violin back into its case alongside the bow. She had only intended to be gone for the better half of an hour, but as she glanced at the neon face of her cell phone, she realized it had actually been two and a half. She blew out a sigh and, with violin in hand, went to sit on one of the nearby benches.

Guests were at the Inn that evening Hikari remembered as her azure eyes gazed up absently at the sky. She had never minded the guests, on occasion she found she liked listening to the stories they had to share. Of their travels around the worlds and through the stars. But on nights like tonight, with guests who had struck her odd upon initially meeting them, Hikari wanted little to do with them. Why had they bothered her so much? They felt...different. Unusual compared to the common guests which were often just humans. It was almost unsettling when Hikari truly thought about it. Being so unsure of who or what they were. She hadn't been the one to write them up for their rooms however which meant Hikari had no idea how long they would be staying. Perhaps only for tonight or, which happened a few times before, they would stay months.

Another light sigh escaped her as she turned her eyes down upon herself. She had been wearing tattered skinny jeans and a bright teal t-shirt with a glittered black raven spanning across her bust. A chill in the midnight air had sent a shiver down her spine; she truly hadn't meant to stay out so late.

((ooc: It ends abruptly sorry. xD I can't think of much more. So who ever wants to join can either be someone passing through the park and hears Hikari playing her violin; they can be the guest who's currently staying at the Inn who accidentally or purposely found Hikari in the park or what have you. cx Thanks.))
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Music of the Night.
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