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 Allen Walker.

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PostSubject: Allen Walker.    2013-11-13, 2:25 am

Character Name: Allen Walker.
Fandom: D.Gray-Man.
Date Of Birth: 12/25 (When he was adopted)
Alias: Red; Destroyer of Time; Moyashi.
Apparent Age: 16-17.
Origin: United Kingdom - Earth.
Race: Human / Noah.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 123lbs.
Gender: Male.
Physical Description:

Known Relatives: Mana Walker - Adoptive Father - Deceased.
Religion: He's unsure.
Skills: Survival, various circus related skills.
Abilities: Cursed Eye: His Cursed eye can detect Akuma and Demon energy. Resembling a sort of cogwheel monocle, this new cursed eye enables Allen to pinpoint an Akuma's position even when they are not visible to the naked eye, regardless of obstacles, from a distance of up to 350 meters away. But the most astounding change is that others close to Allen are able to see the lost souls trapped within Akuma as well. After witnessing Allen's 'world of black and white', Lavi comments that 'the world that Allen sees is Hell.' However, the cursed eye appears to lust for the destruction of Akuma, often causing pain to Allen in the middle of the night by self-activating, as though "it is a sin to be sleeping instead of destroying Akuma". The eye also seems to activate itself even when no Akuma are nearby as long as dark matter is being used.

Has a higher sense along with a sixth; is twice as fast and strong as an average human.
Alignment: Good.
Personality: Allen portrays himself as a kind, generous, and very polite young man. He tends to be very self-sacrificing, often willing to let his body and emotions take devastating blows for the sake of others; this trait is something that has angered several of his comrades and friends.  Allen also has unassuming and borderline naive traits, despite the troubling life his master and General, Cross Marian, forced him to live. Because of his cursed Pentacle Eye, which allows him to see the human souls bound to Akuma, Allen considers Akuma to be just as important to him as humans, swearing his left arm to saving Akuma and his right to saving humans in his attempt to be, as he once put it, "a destroyer who can save".

Over time, Allen's personality has seen a shift; several times, his "dark side", something he developed to survive the gamblers and con-artists Cross sacrificed him to, has shown itself, frequently shocking and scaring those around him. He has also begun using less polite speech, something noted by and encouraged by Lenalee and Johnny Gill. The one person who can consistently make Allen break his polite mold is fellow Exorcist Yu Kanda.
Powers: Jūjika (Kurosu), lit. Cross Frame: Cross is a parasitic type Anti-Akuma Weapon that is centralized in the cross-shaped, stone-like Innocence embedded in the back of Allen's left hand. The Innocence has caused Allen's entire arm to be taken over by Innocence, so his arm from the shoulder down is actually "foreign" tissue that his body symbiotically accepts as part of himself. Originally, Allen's arm was quite veinous and red, but over time its color has darkened and the skin has smoothed out, taking on a slightly more normal appearance.

Kami no Dōke (Kuraun Kuraun) lit. God's Clown: When invoked, Crown Clown acts as a body-armored Innocence, forming a white-hooded cowl and sleeve of Innocence energy which covers his shoulders and right arm, while his left arm and hand become slender and black, clad in armor and razor sharp claws. A masquerade-style mask is always affixed to the cowl, which takes on various configurations and appearances. This transformation also changes Allen's usual hairstyle from flat to a spiky rear. As before, his Innocence possesses a certain degree of sentience, such as when Crown Clown is able to manipulate Allen's entire body like a marionette when incapacitated, or simply assisting in evasive tactics. When not activated, his arm is black and meets with his shoulder in a spiraling pattern that ends with tattoo-like emblem
Restrictions: Just simply having his Innocence a Parasite type causes a great deal of stress to the body which Allen has grown accustomed to over the years. However, he constantly needs to eat to sustain himself.
Special Techniques: Cross Grave (十字架ノ墓 (クロス・グレイヴ), Jūjika no Haka (Kurosu Gureibu) lit. Cross Frame Grave/Tomb): Much more powerful than its previous incarnation, Allen can crucify targets simply by etching a cross upon them with his left hand, effectively annihilating even Level 3 Akuma with a single talon. It can also be used defensively, generating a shield by drawing a cross on the air.
Clown Belt (道化ノ帯 (クラウン・ベルト), Dōke no Tai (Kuraun Beruto) lit. Clown's Belt/Sash): The cape of Allen's cowl is released as a webbing of Innocence-energy that can be used to grasp objects, immobilize opponents, or form hardened spikes to impale enemies. It can also be released from the sleeve and glove on Allen's right arm. The ribbons of energy were once used by Crown Clown itself to wrap around Allen's limbs and control him like a puppet when Allen was too injured to move by himself.
Crown Edge (爪ノ王輪 (クラウン・エッジ), Tsume no Ōrin (Kuraun Ejji) lit. Claw's King Ring): A projectile attack which unleashes a barrage of crown-shaped rings from the clawed fingers on Allen's left hand.
Edge End (破滅ノ爪 (エッジ・エンド), Hakai no Tsume (Ejji Endo) lit. Claw of Destruction): A swipe of raw destructive power dealt with Allen's fully-invoked claw.
Super Techniques: Sword of Exorcism (退魔ノ剣 (たいまけん), Taima no Tsurugi): When Allen's synchronization rate exceeds 100%, he is able to transmute his entire left arm into a large broadsword with a cross emblazoned on the faces of the blade. In doing so, his left shoulder is capped with a cross-shaped emblem, and his cowl usually forms a cloak to cover the missing arm. Once invoked, the blade can exorcise evil from any vessel it strikes, though it does not harm humans; this means that Allen can damage the inner Noah of members of the Noah family without killing their human bodies. If used against Level 1 to Level 3 Akuma, it vanquishes them in the same effect as the Cross Grave attack, leaving a residual glowing cross crest in the wake of the defeated Akuma. However, in the case of a Level 4 Akuma the sword carries a diminished effect. Allen is shown with the ability to telepathically recall the Sword to himself, should it be separated from his body.

Death Orbs (破壊咆哮 (デス・ボール), Hakai Hōkō (Desu Bōru) lit. Destruction Raging Howl) (Death Ball in the original Japanese translation): When using the Sword of Exorcism, Allen can create a series of large explosions.
Super Forms:
Class: Exorcist.
Weapons and Precious Items: Timcanpy; a golden golem that is sentient, can fly and records events as they happen around Allen. 
Phobias: He's afraid of his Noah side harming those he loves.
Illnesses: His Noah half.
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual.
Occupation: Priest of the Black Order.
History: Allen was abandoned as a child in 19th century United Kingdom because he was seen as deformed and possibly cursed by his birth parents. The boy was taken in by a traveling circus which had come to call him 'Red' at the time due to his disfigured left arm which was red and embedded with a green cross with black fingernails. He grew up working in the circus, acting cold and distant toward everyone except a dog named Allen who belonged to one of the skilled Clowns; Mana Walker. Red became very attached to Allen, ignoring Mana until one of the other kids in the circus killed Allen out of jealousy. Red openly mourned the dogs death and Mana offered the boy to take the name of the dog. This lead to Red eventually traveling with Mana and being adopted by him.
When Mana died, Allen, in his sorrow, summoned the Millennium Earl; a man who had been around for thousands of years, praying on those who are in mourning. The Millennium Earl offered to bring back Mana by resurrecting a metal skeleton that possessed Mana's soul. Allen was delighted to have Mana back, but Mana was outraged and cursed Allen; swiping at his eye and branded him with the curse. Allen's left hand, embedded with dormant Innocence, reacted to the Akuma and even against Allen's will, destroyed the Akuma Mana had become. Allen was devastated and went into a mental shock of having killed his father. Eventually the shock turned Allen's hair white from stress.

Allen was taken in during this time by an exorcist General named Cross Marian who had witnessed the boys awakened Innocence. Cross cared for Allen while he was in shock and began to train him after explaining to Allen what Innocence was. Innocence is the only weapon on earth that can defeat the Earl and his use of Akuma and Dark Matter. Allen trained diligently with Cross from there on out.

Cross, a hard master without a doubt, eventually abandoned Allen in India after telling Allen he was ready to join the Black Order; a Church dedicated to fighting Akuma with Innocence.

While he was with the Order, he was told of a Prophecy of a man who would essentially be 'the destroyer of time' and several believed Allen to be that man. After training and becoming friends with the Exorcists and all who worked at the European Branch of the Black Order, Allen and his friends discovered another group working for the Millennium Earl called; the family of Noah. The Noah clan were men and women who worked alongside the Earl and had powers beyond any human. They were a great threat to Allen and crew as well.

During an attack in Japan where the Earl tried to launch a new version of his original 'Noah's Ark', Allen became aware that he in fact was part Noah. Inside of him slept a traitor to the Noah family named Nea. After this accident and the destruction of the European Branch, Allen began to question himself as Nea's personality began to blossom. Allen eventually fled the Order as the higher ups started to believe he was a traitor for harboring a Noah side. Nea had already begun to take control of Allen which Allen referred to as his 'Noah side'. This side of him was cold and distant, having plans of his own.

((For RP proposes))
After facing the Earl, Allen and crew found themselves with a problem. Allen's prophecy of being 'The Destroyer of Time' was starting to come into fruition as he was propelled into another timeline along with Yu Kanda and Lavi Bookman Jr.
((if anyone knows the series, I do realize that this isn't what they meant when they called him the destroyer of time. It just seems to fit so he can be used in the Multiverse. ))
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Allen Walker.    2013-11-13, 1:05 pm

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Allen Walker.
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