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PostSubject: Hurricane.    2013-11-29, 3:12 am

"There's a Hollow out there, onna." Grimmjow growled, glaring at the pinkette who was currently enjoying the warmth of the onsen. He found himself at the Asakura Inn, despite himself. The girl before him, Hikari as she said her name was, and himself had actually been fighting only hours before. A hollow however had attacked during their fight, landing a knock out hit on Hikari since she had been paying more attention to the former Espada than the other lowly creature. Grimmjow was many things, but he had his own code of honor. He would wait until Hikari was better before continuing their fight; even if he knew he would win. Hikari was fast, but he was faster.

Hikari rolled her eyes, trying to stay concealed in her bath water. She couldn't believe he would waltz in unannounced. "Y-Yes I felt it too..." Azure eyes glanced up at the Arrancar. If only he would leave; she could get up and get dressed then.

Grimmjow growled again and pulled on her pink hair, leaning over the edge in a crouch. "Aren't'cha gunna go kill it? Since you seem to be so good at murdering Hollows, bitch." He released her hair with a snarl.

"I-If I had known you'd be so vulgar, I would have left you outside." Hikari said with a pout, rubbing her head. When she turned to face Grimmjow entirely, Hikari blinked suddenly. "...Is that..Matamune?"

The Arrancar blinked and looked down at his stomach. There, at the back of his Hollow hole was a small black paw of Hikari's cat, Matamune. The cat, curiously attracted to Grimmjow, meowed loudly before trotting away. Hikari laughed while Grimmjow cursed at the cat. "Ugh, I don't have time for this, onna!" With another rumble of a growl, Grimmjow reached into the onsen and lifted Hikari out with minimal effort. She was, of course, without a towel since she had been bathing though the Arrancar wasn't interested. He wanted to get back to the fight which she was intentionally putting off.

"Put me down!!"

"No one cares about your big tits, onna so calm the fuck down."

+ + +

"You could have at least grabbed my clothes. They were right beside the towels." Complained Hikari, shuddering as she stood beside Grimmjow in nothing but a white towel.

"Would it fuckin' kill you to shut up?" The man rubbed the nape of his neck. He should have just killed her when he had the chance. This was too much effort just dealing with her.

"It's cold out here!"

"I swear, you complain one more time and I will LEAVE your dumb pink ass out here!" He snarled then glanced around. "WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT HOLLOW GO?!"

Hikari shrugged. "Maybe someone else got to it before we did."

"Shut the fuck up. No one asked you, big tits."
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